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  1. Chris_S

    Dry Hopping after Fermentaion

    I have a Youngs American IPA due for dry hopping, but I am going away for 10 days and don’t want to leave the hops in until I return. Can I leave it until I get back? Also, how critical is temp control after fermentation has finished. I use a Ferminator for control but would prefer to not leave...
  2. Chris_S

    Tapcooler Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

    Just recently treated myself to a nice little shiny new toy, the Tapcooler Bottle filler. How many here own or use one. Just tried it out on a single bottle and it worked great. My question is regarding the cleaning and sanitising routine. Can it be left fully submerged to soak when doing both?
  3. Chris_S

    CO2 Regulator problems

    My Mk4 Kegland co2 regulator seems to be misbehaving. If I need to set it to say 30psi when sealing kegs, the gauge responds really slowly in getting to the set pressure, and more often than not it tends to overshoot by a few pounds when it eventually gets there. When I then connect a keg to...
  4. Chris_S

    Fridge Thermostat deactivate.

    I’ve been sitting on my fridge fermentation project for several months. I have a fridge, heater, and inkbird ready to go, just need a wizard who can help with deactivating the thermostat. I have included a photo of the housing with all its wires laid bare. Which ones need cutting/rejoining etc...
  5. Chris_S

    Plate Chillers again

    Is there a correct way to connect the water and wort pipes, or does it not make any difference. I‘ve seen a photo whIch labels the water inlet on the opposite end to the wort inlet.
  6. Chris_S

    Magnetic Drive Pumps

    Just acquired a Diablo pump from Angel Home Brew. Question is, which port is which? Can’t see any flow indicators etched or stamped on the housing.
  7. Chris_S

    Tilt Hydrometer leaking

    I currently own two of these devices, one is five months old, the other one less than three weeks old. The oldest one has recently started letting moisture in. It‘s never been dropped and only ever opened up when I noticed the moisture inside. Anybody have experience of this ?
  8. Chris_S

    Regular Hydrometer v Portable Refractometer

    i have two hydrometers and just recently bought a refractometer I have 20L of beer that has been in the FV for 13 days and due for packaging SG readings are at 1.010 & 1.011 on my hydrometers but the refractometer is displaying a reading of about 1.026 I believe I have correctly calibrated...
  9. Chris_S


    Has anybody got any first hand experience in using that new product from Get Er Brewed, the Ferminator?
  10. Chris_S

    Geterbrewed single hop AG kits

    Just received a few single hop kits from GetErbrewed. A quick read of the instructions it gives all times for hop additions, but also at the 15min it says to add the Irish moss. Would that be the small brown tablet that’s included in the bags?
  11. Chris_S

    CO2 cylinder orientation

    Does the cylinder have to be upright whilst serving or can it be laid horizontally. I have a 6.3kg cylinder and upright it protrudes over the sofa, so thinking of laying it flat behind the sofa as well as securing it in place.
  12. Chris_S

    Coopers European Lager Kit temperature differences.

    On the weekend I plan to make up the Coopers European Lager Kit. The instructions tell you to do all the usual mixing stirring boiling water and topping up the FV to 23Litres and aim for a temp of 21C - 24C to pitch the yeast. However the fermentation temp is advised at 13C - 15C. So for the...
  13. Chris_S

    Fermentation Temp

    What variation in fermentation temp is acceptable? My first AG recipe recommended 20c but I’ve managed to get it fluctuating between 19.4 and 21.0 Most of the kits I’ve done previously have a 7c range about 18c - 25c
  14. Chris_S

    Pre Sanitising kegs/bottles

    How do all you guys sanitise your kegs and bottles. Time is a precious commodity these days, so can bottles and kegs be cleaned and then stored with a little sanitiser inside, so on the day of packaging it’s just a case of a quick swish around and drain the keg/bottles ?
  15. Chris_S

    Brewzilla boil off rate

    I’ve recently took delivery of the Brewzilla 3.1.1 and will be attempting my first ever all grain brew tomorrow. I‘ve done many of the calculations for the water volumes, but was wondering what boil off rates people are achieving for this system. I’m in the process of doing a test run 90min...
  16. Chris_S

    AG Recipe kit

    Only decided to get into Homebrewing since lockdown began. I’ve had moderate success with several kits but recently took the plunge and decided to have a go at all grain. I’ve study loads of posts and youtube videos so I’m ready to go for it. To make it easier, I opted for a recipe kit from a...
  17. Chris_S

    Bottle Conditioning & Storage

    During the last two weeks I have packaged off three cider brews in lots of amber pet bottles 500ml, I mostly use corny kegs, but these were for my daughters to sample. They are approaching the recommended 14 days in warm conditions. My question relates to how long can they be stored like this...
  18. Chris_S

    Another Fermentation question

    It is widely acknowledge that fermentation is usually finished after approx 14 days in the FV and/or the SG has stayed constant for consecutive days. My Coopers Real Ale kit has been in the Fermzilla for 18 days under a very low pressure of about 2-3psi. I have not checked the SG yet, but it...
  19. Chris_S

    FV pressure with an airlock

    When using a regular bucket and bubbler air lock for fermentation, what sort of pressure is generated within the bucket. Just curious, as the internal pressure is able to make the plastic lid dome upwards.
  20. Chris_S

    No cold crash in the FV

    Not having the ability to cold crash in the fermenter, when the brew is packaged into a corny keg, is it ok to place the corny keg straight into the kegerator or does it require any time in warmer conditions ?