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    Beer cooler stat setting

    Wow fantastic reply very informative thank you. The ice bath is just water I’ve had the cooler working with the stat controller bypassed,it brings the beer temp down nicely to a nice temp for bitter and mild but I don’t like the idea of leaving it running without some control. I will try at 0...
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    Beer cooler stat setting

    Hi all I’ve aquired a maxi 210 cooler but the ice bath thermostat is shot,I plan to replace it with an stc1000 unit,my question is as a rough guide what should I set the target temp to,the cooler will be running 2 king kegs over a very short distance and only for a couple of times a week. Thanks...
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    Advice needed for first pressure barrel secondary fermentation

    i can confirm that does work fine took about 5 barrels to make my mind up hic!!