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  1. Moe

    Quick starter or pitch on old yeast cake?

    Hi, I emptied my fermentor yesterday, but sealed it back up so the Nottingham yeast cake is still there. I have a brew on now( mash is heating). If it hits target the OG should be 1.067. the problem is I only have one packet of M44 yeast. Will a single packet cope with 24L of 1.067 wort...
  2. Moe

    CML Five fermentation time

    Hi, I pitched a packet of this yeast into 24l of 1.062 wort five days ago. (19 degrees C) Fermentation was really active 48 hours in- so much so that I had to change the blow off. I have just measured the gravity and was suprised to see that it is still at 1.030. When I have used similar...
  3. Moe

    Brewzilla Robobrew question

    Hi, On a whim I have ordered a Robobrew. One of the refurbished units from BKT, so hopefully will arrive soon. I have read about some peoples’ experiences with stuck sparges and not having too fine a crush. my issue is I have already ordered my ingredients for my next few brews- all with a fine...
  4. Moe

    My Brewdays

    Thought I’d keep all my brewdays on one thread from now on Purchased a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone from The Malt Miller. First brew using my SS Brewbucket, thought I’d chuck a kit onto the order too. Service from TMM was excellent Brewed this on 23rd Jan. 5.45kg lager malt 450g pale crystal...
  5. Moe

    TMM Discount code

    Hi, does anyone know if the malt Miller are still doing the 5% discount code when you sign up to the newsletter please? I want to buy a brew bucket. I have signed up to the newsletter, just wondering whether or not to order now so I can get it in time for a brew at the weekend or wait and see...
  6. Moe

    Back on the horse

    This was my first brew day since September and I have made the GH oatmeal stout. I heated up 27l of water in the Peco to 73 degrees. (Actually heated it to 80 and had to let it cool. Took my eye off the thermometer whilst playing with the kids 😂) Doughed in and give it a good stir. Temp was 68...
  7. Moe

    And now for something different.....

    Brewed my first stout this eve. Oatmeal breakfast stout from GEB Measured out my water and additions last night so I could come home and brew. 27L of mash water, I added half a campden, 5ml of CRS, a tsp of calcium chloride and just under half a teaspoon of gypsum. ( I need some jewellers...
  8. Moe

    Mash time for Oatmeal Stout

    Hi, Got my water heating to make the GEB oatmeal breakfast stout. The instructions say to mash for 90minutes. Really CBA with that. is there a specific reason for this do you think, or do you think I can get away with a 60minute mash? ive not got any iodine so can’t test. cheers
  9. Moe

    Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale Replacement

    Hi, I am just ordering some ingredients for my next couple of brews. I would like to brew the Greg Hughes Irish Red Ale. The recipe uses Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale yeast. GEB don’t have this in stock. Any ideas of what else I can use please? They have loads of other ale yeasts in stock ( London...
  10. Moe

    APA with Kveik

    Hi, I really enjoyed my last beer that I brewed with Kveik. I have some in the fridge that I top cropped (Hornindial) so I decided to brew another APA. Brewed using BIAB with a Peco boiler. Recipe for 22l is: 5kg Extra pale Maris Otter 500g Cara red (@Fireside Ales Homebrewery recommended...
  11. Moe

    Unlockdown Kveik Pale Ale

    Put this brew on Thursday. I use BIAB method in a Peco boiler. Measured out 27L of tap water into the boiler and added 5g gypsum, 25ml CRS and half a campden tablet. Roughly aiming for “light and hoppy” brewers friend water profile. Took 40 minutes to heat up to 70 degrees. I added the bag a...
  12. Moe

    Help with IPA recipe

    Hi, I have an IPA recipe ready to brew. I would appreciate some feedback on this please as it is the first recipe I have adapted myself. I have previously ordered my grain, hops and yeast as recipe packs. I have been playing around with the hop additions and can't really make up my mind. The...
  13. Moe

    Is this ruined?

    Hi, I have just brewed a Mangrove Jacks grapefruit IPA. I made it up with 1kg of spraymalt, fermented it at 20-21degrees for 18 days. I dry hopped on day 13 using a hopbag, and cold crashed it for 24hours. Cleaned all the kit and used ‘no rinse steriliser powder’ (sodium percarbonate) to...
  14. Moe


    Hi, I have been brewing for a couple of years. I’ve done a few kits and some BIAB AG using the peco boiler kit the home brew company. I’ve been reading this forum for hints and tips, and now I’ve registered acheers.