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  1. borischarlton

    Kegs at The Malt Miller

    Hi, We have made a few adjustments to our keg range, especially our recon kegs. Offering twin and four packs in grade 1 and grade 2. If you are looking for serviceable kegs on a budget then our grade 2 welded are fantastic value at just £42.00 each...
  2. borischarlton

    Show us your #MaltMillerBrew – Win £250 Prize

    Hello, Checkout the blog post here Have a great weekend;)
  3. borischarlton

    Competition - Elusive Brewing & The Malt Miller

    Hi, Elusive Brewing are turning 5 and celebrating by releasing 5 colab brews. One of which we are involved in, it was brewed on the 27th April and will be available in the middle of May. But, the exciting bit is the competition that is running alongside. If you have any intension of going pro...
  4. borischarlton

    The Malt Miller- EDIT "NOW MOVED"

    Hi, Very pleased to say that we are moving the whole business to new premises in Swindon on Friday November 1st. It will make the day to day running and organising much easier and will be very local to where I live saving me about an hours driving every day. It will also make our planned...
  5. borischarlton


    Right, I have my pid and I am basically ready to assemble everything I need for a herms set up. I have a K type temp sensor, I would think it is not waterproof so I was going to insert it into a stainless thermowell which will be used with a "T" piece that will screw into the valve on the inlet...
  6. borischarlton

    Dry hopping vanilla?

    Hi Made a stout over the weekend and split into two fermenters. I was thinking of dry hopping one with vanilla beans. Any ideas about sterilising? Not bother? Microwave? Anyone tried it? Cheers Rob
  7. borischarlton

    March May Pump

    Hi, I am just about to buy one, I know the model is the 809 but which one? MM have said that the 809-PL-HS is popular but will only go to 98deg which is not was it says on the pdf, which leads to confusion. Also, they have quoted £159.65 all inc. I can only guess that is as good as it gets as...
  8. borischarlton

    Barnsley brewers in trouble!!

  9. borischarlton

    Spring thing enteries

    Hi, I am brewing for "the Spring Thing" this weekend. I see that the style guides are basically the same as the BJCP, their dry stout guide Says "Medium-light to medium-full body, with a creamy character" However for this comp it says "•Mouth feel: Medium-light to medium body, with a creamy...
  10. borischarlton

    Sight tube kits

    Hi, I have just bought 2 x 50L stock pots from the ebay France shop. Anyhow I know that someone on here was selling sight tube kits cos I need one. Cheers Rob
  11. borischarlton

    Malt Mill

    Hi, I know that some members on here mill their own grain. I am looking for a mill that would be capable of both milling a 25kg bag and a 1kg load. Is there such a thing?? I have seen this one:- But is it anygood in practice? Many Thanks Rob
  12. borischarlton

    Golden Cascade

    Hi, I made this from the recipe database yesterday, this is my first all grain and the first time using all my equipment, I had great fun and considering it went well. However, my liquor has come up very short as I really underestimated the losses. My FV does not have a measure on it so I don't...
  13. borischarlton

    Malt extact/spray malt

    Hi, I have been lurking for a while and learning loads from all the posts. I have made a few brews from extract and have done a not very successfull brew using steeped malted grains and extract. I am gradually getting all the kit together for all grain brewing and this weekend I will use my new...