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  1. Tommo 2

    Worcester hop shop

    Has anyone had any dealings with the Worcester hop shop and if so what was your impression; the prices of grain and hops seem really reasonable but Dilivery charge is £8.50 for anything over 3k, any help much appreciated 🍻👍
  2. Tommo 2

    How much yeast ?

    Hi all, just a quick one, if halving a 23 litre brew all grain recipe do you still use a full pack of yeast to brew it , or just half that as well .cheers
  3. Tommo 2

    Youngs APA.

    Hi guys just a quick one , after seeing some great reviews on this brew thought I would give it a go, so I made the kit up last night, put the yeast on about nine o'clock and this morning it's trying to crawl out of the fermenter 😂😂 all good, but when l saw the bag of priming Suger I weighed it...
  4. Tommo 2

    Goose island ipa

    Hi guys I am new on this forum, just wondered if anyone could help formulate a partial mash recipe for goose island IPA. Had my first taste of the beer last Saturday and it was gorgous but at £5.30 a pint it needs to be, so decided to brew a 5 gallon batch myself only I am having problems...