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    Elderflower champagne

    Bottle these yesterday, prosecco bottles with 29mm crown caps, used coppers carbonation drops, 2 per bottle in five of them, 1½ in the other 3, thought I'd try a variation just to see how much fizz you get, plus although all bottles are prosecco, 3 of them had flatter bottoms than the others...
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    Stainless Steel pipe mesh/sparkling wine

    Hello everyone, Briefly I am making elderflower champagne for the first time, its been fermenting away for 5 days so looking to bottle in prosecco bottles, was looking online for the bottle as is or adding priming sugar/carbination drops, cam across a thread on another forum(American) suggesting...
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    hi all, not new to home wine making, but after a 20 year break fancy having another go, looking to make some elderflower champagne, seems simple enough, got some prosecco bottles on the way, more to follow, just need to source a fermentation bucket and the odds and sods, and I'll be back to...