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  1. Shirley Bassett

    Elderberry Turbo Cider

    Does anyone have an Elderberry Turbo Cider recipe? I’ve done a Google search and it doesn’t return anything that is usable.
  2. Shirley Bassett

    Low alcohol cerveza kit?

    SWMBO likes low or zero alcohol lager type beer, such Budweiser Prohibition or Becks blue etc. She‘s asked is it possible to ferment a Wilco Cerveza kit without adding the recommended 1kg of sugar, and if so what alcohol % would the kit produce. She isn’t adverse to consuming alcohol, in fact...
  3. Shirley Bassett

    Winexpert chilean Malbec question

    I purchased a Cellar 7 Malbec a few months ago, and the general advice was to brew it at 21 litres and not 23 as recommended by the instructions. I’ve just purchased a Winexpert Chilean Malbec kit. If brewed at 23 litres it should be 13% abv. It contains a Lalvin EC1118C yeast sachet...
  4. Shirley Bassett

    Cellar 7 Malbec Help

    On a whim I’ve purchased a 30 bottle Cellar 7 Malbec wine kit. Has anyone got any suggestions for making the kit? For example are red wine kits best fermented short.
  5. Shirley Bassett

    Rhubarb Turbo Cider Recipe Request

    Has anyone ever used tinned rhubarb in a turbo cider? Can you provide me with a recipe? Thanks, Shirley
  6. Shirley Bassett

    Damson Cider Recipe Request

    Has anyone got a recipe for Damson Cider? I have a scratter and 6 ton board press. I currently have 60 litres of home pressed apple juice fermenting. One of neighbours have offered me as many damsons as I can pick. Thanks