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  1. Skello

    Hefeweizen is a touch on the lively side, krausen everywhere!

    Hello all, As the title says, I only brewed and put into the FV yesterday afternoon, a hefeweizen. I know they can be lively when fermenting (and I’m happy it is (clearly) doing so!). Question is the krausen has filled the airlock and it’s spitting and popping like my old mk3 escort. Other...
  2. Skello

    Quick question - still a lot of yeast in FV

    Hello! I’ve just checked the FV on my St Peter’s IPA kit out of curiosity. There seems to be a lot of yeast up the sides at the top still (and a small bit floating in the top) presumably from when it was working its magic. I am ready to bottle as it has been brewing for about 21 days now. Is...
  3. Skello

    Hello, complete beginner in North Wales

    Hi, Complete novice here just starting out on the HB journey. I know I will have many questions and I have already been digesting the beginner guides. I started my first kit today (which was a Christmas present) as I had been thinking about starting for a while. My OH gave me the kick up the...