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  1. clyne

    Clyne's (BrewBru's!) brewday

    Well after watching these brewday threads from the sidelines for over a year I finally decided to jump in and join the crowd. As much so I can make notes and remember what I did and when as I'm terrible at writing stuff up on brewdays. I tend to use a mixture of BeerSmith and a whiteboard in my...
  2. clyne

    Double dry hop with a Corny

    Good evening folks So I've got an IPA on the go and I've got two batches of hops weighed out ready for dry hopping. Ideally I'd like to do this without any risk of oxidisation in my Corny. I'll be doing a pressurised transfer from my Chronical to the corny and was going to go with a bag under...
  3. clyne

    But do I need a mash tun?

    Hey dudes (and dudettes) So, I've got my good old trusty Robobrew and I love it. Have been using it for several years now and pretty much mastered it. Not had a failed brew since I started using it. I absolutely love brewing - started when I was a teen, had quite a break but recently (4 or 5...
  4. clyne

    Dried Cherries in beer

    Evening all! Hope you're all doing fine and have plenty of homebrew in the fridge/keezer/keg :) I'm planning a choco cherry stout something or other this weekend. I've got a 1kg of tart dried cherries from a home food shop and some cocoa nibs. I've been reading around a bit but wanted to get...
  5. clyne

    Grain Mill - care & maintenance

    Hey all So for my recent anniversary my wife kindly (after strict instructions and the correct link) bought me a 3 roller grain mill from the chaps at Malt Miller (with some grain too!). I used it at the weekend for a Peat Smoked Porter, and I absolutely love it. I'm not sure if it was the...
  6. clyne

    All grain - dummy's guide

    Hey all I've been all grain brewing for a couple of years now, and one of the things I struggled with the most from the beginning was the amount of new terminology I had to learn. Sparging. Mashing. Mash tun. Strike water. HLT. And so on. A friend of mine (who's relatively new to brewing...
  7. clyne

    Floaters in my beer

    Hey all. So I’ve got a weird problem and just not sure what it is. I’ve got about 4 brews now which all have tiny little floaters in them. The first couple I dry hopped so thought it might have been that. But then I had a kit which also had similar floaters (the other three are all grain using...
  8. clyne

    BrewBru - my home brew YouTube videos

    Hey all I’m really enjoying making a few videos along the way of the brewing process. While I realise there are loads out there on YouTube when I first started out I couldn’t always find a guide for what I was looking for and especially using kit commonly found in the UK. I’ve posted a couple...
  9. clyne

    Frothy but not fizzy lager

    Hey all my budding beer brewing brilliant buddies So, I made my first AG lager a few months ago, left in fridge for around 3 months to properly lager then took it out to connect up to my taps in the garage. Everything was great but not quite as carbwd as I like so I cranked the psi up to about...
  10. clyne

    Pressurised transfer with Brewtech Chronical & Corny Keg (video)

    Latest instalment in my road to YouTube stardom :) A short vid showing one way (another will follow in a few weeks) of doing a pressurised transfer between the SS Brewtech Chronical and a Corny Keg. Enjoy!
  11. clyne

    Suggested wine yeast

    Hey there fellow brew peeps So I’ve been back brewing beer for a few years now. I used to do wine kits years ago (maybe 20!). Got some rhubarb in the garden and fancied giving a rhubarb wine a go. I’ve seen the thread with recipes but wondered about recommended yeast? Is there like an S-05...
  12. clyne

    Robobrew - Proper Job Clone - youtube video

    Hey all So, I decided to publish a wee video of a brew I did back in December using my Robobrew. Would really love feedback - good or bad, for future videos. Please feel free to let me know of anything I'm doing wrong too :) I'm relatively new, maybe having done around 10 or so brews. Love...
  13. clyne

    Corny kegs - where do you get them?

    Hey all Apologies if this is in the wrong group, couldn’t really decide which one was best! I’ve got 3 corny kegs at the moment and would like a few more. Last time I purchased from and got some second hand ones for around 35 ish quid each. They don’t have these grade...
  14. clyne

    Hop bags - lidl

    hey all Thought I’d share this in case anyone fancies trying it :) I was doing my shopping in Lidl today and noticed they had nice eco friendly nylon bags for carrying your fruit and veg home in. 2 of them for 49p. Well I thought hey they look great as a hop bag! Had a brew day today and...
  15. clyne

    Hello from the Highlands!

    Hello fellow brew peeps. I live in the far north of Scotland, married with a son. I first started brewing when I was around 17 using the good old tins of "syrup" and plastic buckets. Over the last few years my passion has been somewhat re-ignited and I'm not all grain brewing. My wife bought...