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  1. dwhite60

    Devil you know versus Devil you don't.

    All-grain brewer for 20+ years. Just brewed up a cream ale yesterday. I received a Coopers Real Ale Kit to put together so I can form my own opinions about kit quality and results. Haven't done a canned kit in a long, long time. I expect they've improved. Not expecting all-grain results but...
  2. dwhite60

    Check you ingredients

    Wife went out to the store today. Asked her to get me a pound of cornmeal for tomorrow's recipe. She comes home and says all they had were two pound bags. Not a big problem. I pull the bag out and it's the same stuff I used last time thinking it was just a pound. Really pulled my efficiency...
  3. dwhite60

    Ordered a Cooper's Australian Pale Ale can

    Interesting the good reviews kits seem to get, at least some of them. Sounds like things have gotten a lot better since the 1980's and 1990's when kits were pretty bad I brew all grain and have for many years. I like the process. I like the ability to craft something to my exact desires. Last...
  4. dwhite60

    Hello from North Carolina, USA

    I happened across this forum by accident a couple weeks ago. Started reading some of the posts and really liked the vibe, so I joined. Seems to be a lot of friendly, knowledgeable people. Seems to be a minimum of egos. I've been brewing since 1990. I do all grain in my kitchen, brew in a bag...