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  1. alice-edmund

    Wobblygob Mixed Berries Review

    After my daughter enjoyed a Rockies kit two years ago - time for something different. A nice cardboard box in the post containing a large pouch of 4kg which is very apple smelly, berry flavouring/colours, yeast and what I guess is some sort of nutrient. Made as per instructions - SG for 20...
  2. alice-edmund

    Hamstead 2 Rabbits IPA

    Kit made to 22 litres at starting SG of 1040 - and incudes 25g of hops; no idea what type or mix. Yeast labelled '69' Started well - slow finish to fermentation. Hops added towards end of fermentation . Bottled with 140g of priming at SG 1018 - maybe too early Results - well, anyone reading...
  3. alice-edmund

    Hamstead Pilsen-Barr lager

    OK, it's been in the bottles a few weeks now and has cleared well, not too much sediment though quite dark. I am no connoisseur but it's perfectly drinkable and I'd be tempted to try again - but hops at the end this time. A lager fiend mate will be checking a few bottles soon. The Coopers kits...
  4. alice-edmund

    Hamstead Pilsen-Barr lager

    I thought I'd try a 'different' kit to the usual ones from Wilko's etc and have had some good success with various Coopers' lagers. Arrived by post in a good quality box and contained two off 1.5kg pouches, 20g of dry hops, some 6B years and some hop oil. I have followed the instructions to the...
  5. alice-edmund

    Coopers European Lager Review

    Only used Saaz once to date, 25g dry hopped into 22l of a Tom Caxton Lager kit. My notes say 'Make this again sometime' - it's was very drinkable. I think my Coopers one was excellent too though. But the next lager will be a twin can kit from Hamstead Brewing - as I like trying different...
  6. alice-edmund

    St Peter's Golden Ale

    Exactly as per instructions. SG at start 1.042. Boosted with dry hops - 20g Mandarina, 10 g Cascade, 10g Simcoe at SG of 1.006 - 20 litres. 120g of priming sugar, 40 bottles, very golden colour, quite tasty. However, I think when I did it without the extra hops in 2019 I think it was just great...
  7. alice-edmund

    Coopers European Lager Review

    July 2020 - Standard kit using 500g of LDM; 300g of Dextrose and 200g Maltodextrin. Starting SG = 1.040. Made about 42 bottles (22 litres) at SG of 1.009; using 160g of sugar priming; was quite cloudy. It looks nothing like the B*cks bottle. It took a good few weeks to settle; I like it and...
  8. alice-edmund

    Coopers Hefe Lager review

    Nov 2020. Standard kit using 1.2l of Mangrove Jack malt. Starting SG 1.041 which seemed a bit low. I boosted this with some honey solution to to 1.045 making 21 litres. It pretty much stopped at 1.012 so I added 250g of brewing sugar and a few days later 20g of Mandarina hops. Bottled 40 using...
  9. alice-edmund

    Mangrove Jacks Grapefruit IPA

    Dec 2020. Made as per recipe from the 'pouch' using 1.2kg of light malt extract. Starting SG was 1.047 with 23 litres. Fermentation stopped at 1.010; used the 120g of priming sugar and got 43 bottles - very dark. It's drinkable, quite tangy, good head. Personally it's not really to my taste - I...
  10. alice-edmund

    John Bull IPA review

    Made this Jan 2021. Standard kit with 250g of molasses sugar, 750g brewing sugar and 250g of maltodextrin. Starting SG was 1.044 at 22 volume. Final SG was 1.008 and I used 25g of Cascade dry hopped. I ended up with 40 bottles using 120g of priming sugar at SG of 1.007. Very dark beer, poured...
  11. alice-edmund

    Tom Caxton Lager kit Review

    Feb 2021. Made as standard kit with 500g of spraymalt and 500g brewing sugar. Starting SG was measured at 1.042 at 20 litres volume. I added 25g of Saaz hops after 11 days at SG of 1.009 and got 39 bottles a few days later - same SG using 140g of priming sugar. It looked quite dark initially -...
  12. alice-edmund

    Retailers "own brand" kits

    I have just ordered a HofEngland Premium PIlsner but doubt it will be brewed until summer. I'm no gourmet, drink most things and use kits, pimping them occasionally. But I do keep records - so give me 4 months.
  13. alice-edmund

    Coopers Hefe Wheat brewing advice

    Like Craig85 who started the thread I have a can of Coopers Hefe which is next on the brew list - but what do I add? It suggests 1 kg dry wheat malt. Do I need to add anything at all? White sugar; brewing sugar; maltodextrin? Advice sought please. I'm not a Newbie but all these different...
  14. alice-edmund

    Honey instead of sugar.

    That's interesting. I'm assuming you're talking about priming here; I usually go for about 120g of white sugar batch mixed into 23l or so - and one of the reasons for my other, recent post is that I think I should move away from plain white sugar to 'better' products to improve my beer taste...
  15. alice-edmund

    Idiots guide to sugar, dextrose, spray malt etc?

    That's a good starter - so how would 1 kg of 'spray malt' or 500g of 'DME' compare with 1kg of Tate&Lyles finest white granulated. Do you need more, or less - and how does it affect the flavours? I know brewing is complex - however I am surprised that no basic summary seems to exist.
  16. alice-edmund

    Idiots guide to sugar, dextrose, spray malt etc?

    I've had a scour through the forums - however I've been unable to find a clear, accurate and thorough guide to the differences between the various energy sources. I've been using white sugar (mostly) - plus some molasses. However, getting a clear guide to the names and reasons for dextrose...
  17. alice-edmund

    Honey instead of sugar.

    I agree ref taste - I used some honey washings off my hive frames - which accidentally started to ferment - but it does not seem to make the beer taste much different. Decent honey is too good to waste in this way. Have a good loaf, butter, honey - and a pint - and you can savour all.
  18. alice-edmund

    Wilko's Own Brand Cerveza.

    As an update on my brew; it has cleared (though it's not crystal bright) - and certainly tastes OK to me. Sediment in bottle is quite loose. I'd give it another go sometime but have picked up a Coopers Euro lager to try first
  19. alice-edmund

    Wilko's Own Brand Cerveza.

    I've just done this - using molasses as sugar. It's turned out rather cloudy, slow to settle even after a month (no finings used) - does not taste like lager (or bitter) and not that much head - but quite drinkable chilled.
  20. alice-edmund

    'honey water' for brewing?

    OK; well 5l of the honey 'washings' had an SG of 1.175 - so with the Geordie Scottish Export kit and dilution I now have 22l fermenting swiftly at starting SG of 1.050. Anyone think I should flavour it with anything else - or just leave it as kit and honey? Loads of washings left; going to see...