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  1. jof

    What hops should I use today?

    Ok people,I'm after a bit of inspiration. My preference is for golden ale, but happy with BRITISH pale ale through to porter. Don't quite go as far as stout. I'm looking at my cache of hops & I have: Magnum & Admiral (bittering) Calypso, Chinook, Cascade & Nelson Sauvin. Have Marris Otter pale...
  2. jof

    Post Brexit

    I was most disappointed when I opened the curtains this morning to find that the sun was not shining and the roads were not paved with gold. (Maybe someone came round earlier to sweep it up & send it to the NHS) Imagine then my further dismay when I went into the back garden and was not...
  3. jof

    Is scrumping hops acceptable

    Ethical question: I cycle past a hop garden occaionally. Would scrumping a few flowers be considered bad form or using initiative? Or am I regressing back to a misspent childhood before everyone had computer games.
  4. jof

    New here, but not to brewing

    Hello people, Just thought I'd try this forum. I watched my dad brew in the 70's. Brewed from kits as a student in the late eighties. Brew 40 pint batches to my own partial mash recipe. Teaching my teenage son to make ribena wine. At the moment I have nothing brewing. I've used the last of my...