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  1. Random Badger

    Zombie Fermentation!!!

    I made some fruit berry wine, gave it just over a week on the pulp in primary then racked it to a demijohn. There wasn't much airlock activity and after a few days it stopped completely. After a week I took a hydrometer reading which was 990 and the taste was decidedly dry, so it seemed that the...
  2. Random Badger

    Fruit wine - timing for Campden tablet and pectolase?

    I'm going to make another fruit based wine (using strawberries and some other berries all currently frozen) and just wanted to check forum member's experience of the initial process please as there seems to be conflicting information out there. 1) Last time I made a fruit wine I defrosted and...
  3. Random Badger

    Got strawberries, what to use with them for wine?

    Some weeks back I had the opportunity to pick some garden strawberries and froze them (about 700g) with a view to making wine. I was told I could come back and pick more, but apparently since then the supply of strawberries has not replenished, with hungry birds being blamed (there was no net or...
  4. Random Badger

    Is filtering strawberry wine must necessary?

    I'm probably going to make my second batch of strawberry wine soon. The most tedious part of the process the first time was filtering the must once I had squashed the strawberries to get the juice out. I did this in two stages, first a rough filter through a sieve to get rid of the solids and...
  5. Random Badger

    Excessive sediment in bottles / Morgans Ultra Premium Pacific Pale Ale

    I made a Morgans Ultra Premium Pacific Pale Ale as follows: Morgans Pacific Pale Ale 1.7KG Mangrove Jacks malt extract 1.2KG Brewing sugar 0.24 KG 21 litres brew length OG 1050 Dry hopped with Summit It seemed to get a bit stuck around 1014 so I turned up the heat pad and left it fermenting...
  6. Random Badger

    Curse that flaming yellow ball!!!

    So it's finally happened. For the first time since my return to home brewing I have hit trouble with the temperature being too high. Started an IPA last night and it's merrily fermenting away, but it seems to be at about 25C, with the temperature in the room around 22C. No brewing fridge so...
  7. Random Badger

    Dry hopping experiment - good or bad idea?

    I made a Bulldog Brews Premium IPA kit. The fermentation went well (based on hydrometer readings the ABV is 5.8%) and the beer looks good in the bottle, however it lacks taste and is a frankly underwhelming experience. In fact the best way to drink it seems to be to treat it like a lager and...
  8. Random Badger

    Add yeast after 4 to 6 days? Bad Wilko!!!

    I saw a question about this elsewhere and thought the person must have read it wrong. However, Wilko instructions do seem to advise people to add yeast to their beer kit after "After 4 – 6 days" ashock1
  9. Random Badger

    Jaipur IPA

    I've enjoyed cask Jaipur IPA many times in pubs and seem to recall the canned/bottled version being alright. Drank a can of it last night (first in a while) and it wasn't anywhere near as nice as I was expecting. Anyone else got a view on this? Has it changed, was it always poor in cans, or was...
  10. Random Badger

    Reusing yeast with hop bits in it

    I'm assuming that pitching yeast from a previous brew that contain the remnants of dry hopping is not a good idea. If it's fine, then please tell me now! Otherwise, can you just filter the hop bits out? For example scoop up a jar of yeast when you have emptied the fermenter, then pour it...
  11. Random Badger

    Watering down beer

    Just wondered if there are any views on adding water to fermenting beers? I've got a couple on the go (Youngs American IPA and my Australian Monster) that are both currently over 6.5% with a brew length of 21.5 litres (I habitually brew a bit short). Is there any reason why adding a litre of...
  12. Random Badger

    To prune or not to prune?

    Thinking about making some fruit juice wine I randomly bought a carton of prune juice. It's described as being 100% juice and I had a vague recollection of it being described by some people as tasting a bit like red wine, so was thinking it would work, probably with some cartons of apple juice...
  13. Random Badger

    Why does Youngs America IPA take so long?

    It seems to be generally acknowledged that the Youngs America IPA kit can take a while (often more than two weeks - sometimes much more) to finish fermenting. Does anyone know why? Is it the yeast strain or something else? I've got one on the go and after about 6 days airlock activity had...
  14. Random Badger

    My shiny new brewing equipment

    Arrived today:
  15. Random Badger

    What is best in life?

    Like most of us I have long lived by the simple belief that what is best in life is to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women. However, the responsibilities of life have inevitably matured me and I came to a startling new revelation today...
  16. Random Badger

    My Australian Monster

    Like Doctor Frankenstein I am seeking to combine and reanimate the dead! I've posted previously that I came into possession of an out of date Coopers Australian Lager kit and was pondering what to do with it. I found some information from someone who has tried brewing old kits and reported that...
  17. Random Badger

    Bottling time - tricky priming decision!

    I need to bottle two beers: An IPA that seems to have fermented out to below 1006 and is showing no airlock activity. My dreaded Export Stout which got stuck at 1020 then with a second kick of yeast made it to 1014, but after nearly 5 weeks in the fermenter still seems to be producing the...
  18. Random Badger

    Yeast transplant = Good/Bad idea???

    I've got one beer that has been in the fermenter for a few weeks and seems to have a stuck fermentation, and another beer kit that I started on Thursday evening that is right now vigorously bubbling away. I have the strong urge to skim a cupful from the top of the new beer and mix it into the...
  19. Random Badger

    Another dreaded "has my fermentation finished?" thread.

    Stout started out with OG reading of 1042, a vigorous first few days fermentation followed by steady bubbling slowing right down in the last few days. It's now had two full weeks in the fermenter and today airlock activity seems to have ceased so I took a reading which came out at 1020, which is...
  20. Random Badger

    Strawberry impulse madness! What to do now?

    Spotted some strawberries this evening being reduced to 5p due to reaching their end date. They look fine, so I blew 40p and bought what seems to be 1.8kg with the notion of fermenting them, but no firm plan as to what to do. So here I am looking for advice please. 1) Is there an acknowledged...