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  1. Flan

    Finings and conditioning

    I’ve had a lager brew lagering in my fridge at around 2° for about 4-5weeks i plan on bottling in the next few days trying carb drops for the first time, I’ve taken it out of the fridge for a couple of days to raise the temp a bit to reactivate any yeast ready for carbonation but i want to try...
  2. Flan

    Cantina wine kits

    Has anybody had any experience with these kits. How much juice comes with them, at 7kg pack there must be at least 5litres with it.
  3. Flan

    Rhubarb wine recipe and process

    I have 5kg of rhubarb cut up and frozen i’d love to try a rhubarb wine with it but not sure where to start. Does anybody have an idiots guide of the process and ingredients needed please. I have all the equipment needed just not sure of a recipe and how to. Thanks in advance.
  4. Flan

    Pressure barrel cleaning

    How do you all clean your pressure barrels. I plan on using it as a bottling barrel for my next brew as it’s the only one i have with a tap on at the moment and i want to batch prime, but with such a small opening at the top I’ve found it a nightmare to clean. At the moment I’ve put about 5...
  5. Flan

    Wilko Geordie lager kit

    I plan on doing a cheap kit brew for a golf trip away with the lads in August so i picked up a couple of the wilko’s geordie lager kits, now would there be a problem using both packs of malt in one brew, that would be 3kg of kit malt instead of 1.5kg. Would this make a terrible tasting beer and...
  6. Flan

    Wineworks Wine kit is this normal.

    I’ve just done my first wine kit, a wineworks red wine (rioja supposedly), made to 23l i got 28 bottles out of it, which came with the equipment kit, i bottled it 3 weeks ago after 2 weeks fermenting and around 10 days clearing and conditioning at 12°c. The kit had 5litres of juice and 500ml of...
  7. Flan

    Bottle capper

    I’ve just ordered one of these seems too cheap but worth a punt i guess.
  8. Flan

    Priming a beer after prolonged lagering

    I have a beer currently sitting in secondary in my brew fridge for the last 2 weeks at 1°-2° and it will be there for around 6 weeks, i havent primed it yet due to an administrative cock up, i intend to bottle it after the 6 weeks but I’m unsure of how to prime it, I’ve screwed up part of the...
  9. Flan

    All in one brewing system

    I’m thinking of taking the plunge and investing in an all in one system, I’m looking at a brewster beacon or maybe a hopcat mk3 at the moment, does anybody have any suggestions on these two. The hopcat is on offer at the moment at £399 which is £50 more than the brewster but it is 45l compared...
  10. Flan

    Novatwist screwcaps

    I’m looking at doing a wine kit and may use these caps. This is the cheapest i have found up to now. Anyone have any experience with these.
  11. Flan

    Beaverdale wine kits

    Has anybody tried these wine kits, I’m looking at the shiraz kit for £43.20 for a 5 gallon kit from the home brew shop. Does anybody have any other recommendations for wine kits. Shiraz/malbec type around the £40-£60 mark. Thanks.
  12. Flan

    Brewday no.3

    My next brew day is tomorrow and I’m planning a lager extract brew. 2.4kg of light malt extract, 500g dme, 500g brewing sugar. 2 x bavarian lager M76 yeast. Fermenting in the cellar at 10-12° until FG is reached, then I want to dry hop for 3 days transfer to secondary fv and condition at room...
  13. Flan

    Cold crashing

    I’m about to cold crash a MJ czech pilsner before bottling, is it best to drop the temp in the fridge all in one go or drop a few degrees per day. It’s finished fermenting at 20° and has been dry hopped for 2 days so I’m wondering if a big drop in temp from 20° to around 3° in a short space of...
  14. Flan

    Next brew

    Well i have my 2nd brew sat in the brew fridge happily bubbling at 20° so while my brew fridge is being used i want to start another brew and leave it in the cellar to ferment as it has a constant temp of around 9-12° down there so i plan on doing a lager using mj bavarian lager m76 yeast so if...
  15. Flan

    Brewing with excess stock

    I’m planning on using up some excess malt extract, spraymalt and yeast that i have over from purchases i haven’t used so i have 2.4kg of mangrove jacks pure malt enhancer, 500g of muntons light spraymalt, Mangrove jacks Liberty bell m36, i also have a couple of MJ m44 west coast yeasts (all 10g...
  16. Flan

    Pure malt enhancer or liquid malt extract.

    I’m a bit confused as to the difference in these 2 things. Looking at the mangrove jacks pure liquid malt extract and mangrove jacks pure malt enhancer, can somebody tell me what is the difference between these two malts please.
  17. Flan


    I’m just reading James Morton’s book ‘Brew’ and as i have most of the kit to be able to start AG brewing, which is my ultimate aim, i only have a 20 litre stock pot and can’t see me justifying another outlay for a 30litre+ pot, just yet. So I like his suggestion of liquoring back, he says the...
  18. Flan

    AG Brewing to a recipe

    Hi all, all the best for the new brewing year. I was just wondering how all you AG brewers choose a recipe, do you find a commercial beer or real ale you like the taste of then see if there’s a recipe to replicate it or do you try a recipe you like the look of or do you make up your own recipes...
  19. Flan

    Charlie Papazian book

    I’m just about to start my 2nd LME kit a MJ pilsner and I’m just reading the complete joy of home brewing for a few pointers and mr Papazian recommends boiling your ingredients (the can/packet of Malt extract supplied with the kit and any sugar/spray malt/enhancer you intend to add) in 5.5-6...
  20. Flan

    MJ craft series pils kit advice

    I plan on doing this kit next mangrove jacks craft pils, it comes with M54 californian lager yeast-10g, with saaz hops for dry hopping. So i have a couple of questions, it says i need either 1kg of pure malt enhancer or 1.2kg dextrose. If i was to use 1kg of dextrose and 500g of malt enhancer or...