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  1. St00

    How stupid can you get?

    I prefer skeptic. Calling yourself antitheist is really daft. How can you be against something which you don't believe in? It's like defining yourself as anti-tooth fairy.
  2. St00

    How stupid can you get?

    I love a good chat about religion, but if I'm lucky enough to have Tories knock on I tell them I don't want them on my drive way and ask them to stand outside the border. Then I thank them and close the door.
  3. St00

    grainfather glycol chiller

    Before I forked out for my adapter kit I made this: Use any fermenter with this Grainfather Glycol Chiller Very handy if you want to use the chiller with anything other than your Grainfather Conical.
  4. St00

    Equipment upgrade

    Put my Stone Adnams IPA clone in yesterday
  5. St00

    CAMRA at it again

    I mean pick your battles right? Whose side do they think they're on? They're not helping anyone with statements like this.
  6. St00

    Equipment upgrade

    This is where I find having a tilt really useful. An iSpindle would be a cheaper alternative though as you wouldn't be using a visual indicator for fermentation finishing.
  7. St00

    Grainfather G-40 info

    Hadn't realised that, thanks. I still think it will be around the £1000 mark, which I don't feel; given the comparable competition, is that competitively priced,
  8. St00

    Grainfather G-40 info

    Oooohhhh the S40 is on there as well! Grainfather S40 Brewing System "RRP: $499.88 " With a tap! Uses an immersion chiller though
  9. St00

    American Homebrewer's Association Clones - 2019 (part 1)

    What is it about Bells and their love of Centennial? Two Hearted is all Centennial too :beer1:
  10. St00

    Grainfather G-40 info

    Shame, still no tap on it.
  11. St00

    Grainfather G-40 info

    "MAP: $1,499.00" According to that site
  12. St00

    Russian River Pliny the Elder Clone

    I dunno what Odell IPA counts as, but if it's West Coast then yes, yes it is.
  13. St00

    3 word story.

    starfish whipping kit
  14. St00

    New Forum member map. (3-1-2021)

    SK2 Stockport please @Chippy_Tea
  15. St00

    Pitching directly onto the last brew’s yeast trub

    I do this for Barley Wines. I'll make a smaller ale or ESB and then pitch directly on to the cake. I essentially use the first beer as a massive starter.
  16. St00

    New Grainfather Products Coming Soon!!!

    If the G40 is the G30 updated with all the bells and whistles from the G70, then I'm all here for that. This issue I have is given the cost of the G70, compared to say it's Brewtools counterpart I suspect that it will be massively beyond what I'm willing to pay for the upgrade from my G30.
  17. St00

    Best Pilsner in the UK?

    +1 for Lost & Grounded Kellerpils or Donzoko Big Foam
  18. St00

    UK & IPA

    Lager is still the overwhelmingly large slice of the pie when it comes to numbers. Hard Seltzers will no doubt start to creep in soon. "Craft" beer wise it's all haze for days. Currently I've a Stone Adnams IPA (8.5%) in one fermenter, a Festbier in another, a keg of Bohemian Pilsner, a keg of...
  19. St00

    Are you a true Northerner

    Only 1 and 10 for me, but then again I hail from Plymouth originally.
  20. St00

    St00s Br00 Days

    Last night's starter made for Tomorrow's Brew day. I love San Diego Super Yeast. My mate has just finished his pub in his back garden, but has filled his proposed brewing room with new equipment. Do much equipment in fact that he now can't get in to run the water up there, set up an extractor...