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  1. London


    I’ve just been prescribed varifocal after only wearing glasses for reading, I can see my wrist watch and the telly but struggle to view my Ipad, does this get better and if so how long does it take to get used to them. TIA, London
  2. London

    Belt drive push bikes

    I'm in the market for a new push bike and belt drive bike with internal hub gears have caught my eye, has anyone owned or ridden one. TIA, London.
  3. London

    How do you listen to music

    At the moment I listen to cds on my Nad seperates but will be getting a Naim MU-SO so I'll be streaming via Spotify.
  4. London

    Online guitar lessons

    Which is the best online guitar lessons for a complete beginner and why. TIA, Mark.
  5. London

    yeast nutrient

    Is it possible to make a yeast nutrient at home or do I have to buy 1. TIA London
  6. London

    Wheat beer cabonation level.

    I'll be bottling my wheat beer this weekend and I'm unsure about the level of carbonation I should go with, can someone please throw some light on this for me. TIA, London.
  7. London

    Mashing out

    I'm still new to all this and have brewed a couple of time with my Robbobrew, when mashing out say for 10 mins is that included in the 60mins mash time or in addition so 70mins in total, how do other Robbobrew users mash out. TIA, London.
  8. London

    Speidel 30l lid seal

    The seal on my speidel fermenter has got bigger after soaking in Oxy and now won't seal, what the best replacement for it another speidel or are there better options out there. TIA London.
  9. London

    Speidel 30l fermenter

    I've bough a Speidel 30l fermenter and would like to use the spigot to transfer to a bottling bucket, which size and type of tubing are people using for this or am I better off getting an auto syphon. TIA, London.
  10. London

    Robobrew water volumes

    Hi All, I did an all grain beginners class and we used Braumeisters 20's, I've now got a Robobrew V3.1 and a IPA recipe pack from the same place I did the class the instructions are as follows will the water volumes work with a Robobrew also do I need use campden tabs. Treat mash water with...
  11. London

    Inkbird heating only for heat pad

    Can the inkbird be used for heating a heat pad with any cooling device connected?