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  1. LesTom

    Chucked this together

    Assembled this today:- 500ml of strong tea mixed in with 4 litres of cheapo Tesco apple juice. OG:- 1.044
  2. LesTom

    Tickled my funny bone

  3. LesTom

    My first go at wine

    Here's a picture and video of my first go at making wine. I have to thank @An Ankoù for the recipe for a rhubarb country wine; 1.6kgs of rhubarb with 1.6kgs of sugar left to osmosis for 2 days.It's happily fermenting away courtesy of a generous heaped teaspoonful of Youngs wine yeast and...
  4. LesTom

    Advice/inspiration needed

    Evening folks today I took delivery of a Muntons wine fermenter and also a bottling wand/mini bottler. The thing is - the bottling wand won't fit to the fermenter tap, the tap is too wide. Any ideas folks as to how I can make the bottler fit onto the tap. Pictures attached for reference
  5. LesTom

    Couple of questions

    I had high hopes for a very small batch of Pamplemousse (grapefruit) beer. Anyway opened a couple of bottles last night; the first one was perfectly carbonated, the second one was as flat as a pancake so I decided to open a third bottle and it was a bottle bomb 😯. The other annoying thing was -...
  6. LesTom

    Would this type of keg be refillable?

    I'm a big fan of Brewdog's Punk IPA and Hazy Jane and just noticed my local Tesco are selling 5 litre kegs of both. Would they be possible to refill with my own home brew? I attach a photo of the keg with the top bung in the hope that someone can answer my question.
  7. LesTom

    How to improve efficiency

    I brewed a (in my opinion) a very good stout. It was a 4 litre BIAB batch and the only problem was I was looking to make RIS at about 9 - 11% ABV. Please don't misunderstand, it wasn't the ABV that was the most important aspect of my finished stout, it was more to do with the fact that it...
  8. LesTom

    Would this be any good for a 5 litre keg?

    I only brew small batches but even then I find bottling a bit of a pain. I've looked at the Dark Farm kegs and dispensing system but they are a bit too expensive for me. Would this be any good 5 Litre Mini Keg - The Bottle Jar Store
  9. LesTom

    Any recommendations for a Chardonnay type wine?

    My wife is a big fan of the Chardonnay style of white wine. I can make beer and cider to a reasonable degree but I've never made wine and I would like to surprise her with a Chardonnay type white wine. I don't want to buy a kit (tight git) so I would like to use supermarket white grape juice...
  10. LesTom

    Advice please on a minor upgrade

    I've been brewing quite successfully using a 1 gallon Brooklyn Brewshop kit for over a year now and I quite fancy a wee bit of an upgrade. I'm looking at scaling up to 10 litres and also moving my brewing out to the shed as my missus gets a bit annoyed at me taking over the kitchen and the...
  11. LesTom

    Purpose of hop additions?

    I've just started to wonder about how some recipes stipulate adding different amounts of hops at different times during the boil phase. I understand that different kinds of hops fulfill a specific function, for example I get that the initial hops that go in say at the start of a 60 minute boil...
  12. LesTom

    Frustrating maybe, but an excellent hobby none the less

    Sorry for the rambling headline, but I thought that I must post my thoughts and my wrong doings with regards to home brewing since I started last year. I received a Brooklyn Brew Shop kit from my wife as a Christmas present and I followed the instructions to the letter. The chocolate maple...
  13. LesTom

    Prague best bars to sample?

    Going to Prague for 3 days in November. I'm partial to the Czech beers that I've tried so far; Budweiser Budvar and it's dark version, Pilsner Urquell and Staropramen are all very good, well maybe not so much the Staropramen as I find it the poorest of these. Has anyone been to Prague and been...
  14. LesTom

    Small batch Lemon Saison

    As I enjoy the saison type of beers (along with most other styles), I decided to have a go at my own concoction which I decided would hopefully turn out as a saison with lemon tones. 4 litre batch 720 grams of Pale Malt 50 grams of Munich Malt 50 grams of Bohemian Malt 50 grams of Torrified...
  15. LesTom

    Thankfully a success

    After a a couple of disasters, I've at last had a success. It's a Rye PA and both my wife and son thinks it tastes great as well as myself :thumb: Here's the recipe I used:- Pale Malt:- 870 grams Rye Malt:- 220 grams Crystal Teak Bavarian:- 80 grams Munich Malt:- 50 grams 3ltrs mash water...
  16. LesTom

    Is this too simple?

    I fancy a go at making a simple cider or a Turbo cider as I believe it's called and I happened across this video from YouTube:- A few questions:- Is this too simple? Do I need to use tannin or malic acid? Will the balloon be sufficient and workable as an airlock? Thoughts and advice greatly...
  17. LesTom

    Suggestions for brewing in a cold shed (on a budget)

    So last night my aquarium heater failed when I was at my work and this morning I checked the water bath and there was an inch of ice on top of it . I've transferred the beer into another fermenter and wrapped it in a towel and put it beside the kitchen radiator to hopefully perform some CPR...
  18. LesTom

    Roll on tomorrow

  19. LesTom

    One fact for those of us with a hairy fizz of 😁

    OK so I realise that it's an advert, but what do you guys with a beard/ facial hair make of this? Do you reckon you lose some of your beloved brew to your own beloved facial hair? Title should read hairy fizzog NOT fizz of
  20. LesTom

    I wonder how this will turn out?

    I've decided to have my first go at BIAB and decided to make a 1 gallon batch of wheat beer. The only problem; I didn't have any wheat malt so I decided to substitute it with pale malt. So here's my recipe folks, how so you reckon it'll turn out? Wheat or not? Pale malt 454 grams Bohemian...