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  1. BeerCat

    Dry Irish Stout no boil no chill

    This is a simple easy to brew dry stout based on everyone's favourite Irish tipple. Smooth roastiness, creamy, dark chocolate, a hint of spice from the rye, dry finish. A very rounded crushable beer with attractive lacing This beer does not take long to condition. Because its not boiled there...
  2. BeerCat

    Help locating isolation valve

    I need to replace the isolation valve under a toilet but its got an extra long shank and I cant find any online. Photo below. This is the one I have but its about a centimeter too short. Anyone with some plumbing knowledge please point me in the right direction.
  3. BeerCat

    Kefir, anyone making it?

    I bought some milk kefir grains last week. Really cheap, less than £4 delivered for 5g. Already making kefir at a fast rate and something which resembles cream cheese. No warming of the milk involved, all you do is leave it in a jar with the grains at room temp. Anyone else making this? How do...
  4. BeerCat

    BeerCats beers

    I cant find my old thread so have started a new one. Been brewing a lot of lagers and haven't done a corn lager lately. Mexican lager lockdown v10 28l batch 25 IBU SRM 3 ABV 4.5 OG 1044 FG 1006 4.3kg crisp pils 500g flaked corn 150g acid malt RO water 0.2g of chloride per liter. About 50ppm...
  5. BeerCat

    Pin hole leak in Corny

    I am sure i cant be the first but my keg sprung a hole right in the bottom last night and emptied 8l of pilsner all over the garage floor. Had to empty the fridge and clean it and just noticed i also lost all my gas. I am so glad i have a spare but i am really ****ed off. The 12l keg was £70...
  6. BeerCat

    Delivering leaflets advice wanted

    Someone i know wants to earn some extra cash delivering leaflets in their spare time and wondered if any of you good people has any advice. I have just had a quick look online and there seems to be a few scammers. Are there any reputable national companies anyone can recommend or perhaps give...
  7. BeerCat

    Anyone making vinegar?

    A few weeks ago i decided to try and make some vinegar. Really simple process, i took 500ml of Flanders red and added the dregs of some organic apple cider vinegar. I now have a scoby in the bottle and it is starting to sour. Probably going to take a few months to finish and the intention is to...
  8. BeerCat

    OXIDATION TEST - Bottling Home Brew Beer!

    I gave up bottling due to the change in flavour compared to kegging. After watching this video i know why. Seems obvious but i always shook mine.
  9. BeerCat

    Help needed flaking plaster

    How do you DIY enthusiasts recommend fixing this flaking plaster? Its only in one place. Cheers
  10. BeerCat

    no boil no chill 1 week wheat beer

    I have been playing around with this style of beer for a while now and thought i would share the recipe and method i have been using. It literally is grain to glass in a week. 25l RO water with 0.19g per litre of calcium chloride OG 1045 FG 1010 IBU 13 mash at 65c then mashout at 75c once you...
  11. BeerCat

    Software for creating books/comics

    I need to help someone make a book but i have no idea what software to use. At the moment i am using a pdf editor but there seems to be some problems. For instance it treats each page individually. If i want to insert more text or change font size it needs to automatically rescale the text for...
  12. BeerCat

    Lacto starters

    Does anyone make lacto starters? I want to sour during fermentation so interested in giving this a go. The aim is to pitch with some kveik around 40c.
  13. BeerCat

    Broken oven

    Can anyone help me test my oven. I think its the element but not exactly sure what sort of reading i should get. Also noting some discolouration/burning to the insulation. The oven turns on but does not heat.
  14. BeerCat

    Red Flanders ale suggestions

    I have been reading about sours for a while and ordered some Roselare yeast the other day on the spur of the moment. I have a lot of empty dj's sitting around i am going to fill them all after fermenting in a bucket. I know there are plenty here that are into sours so all advice and suggestions...
  15. BeerCat

    Red Rice Lager

    OG 1044 FG 1012 ABV 4.20% 30 IBU SRM 11 Batch size 30l boil size 38l 21l mash 21l sparge 5kg red X 200g cara red 1kg flaked rice 30g perle 7%AA FWH 30g saaz 4.7%AA @10 50g saaz 4.7%AA @0 protofloc/irish moss @15 2.5g wyeast beer nutrient @15 mash at 65c mashout at 75c ferment with MJ...
  16. BeerCat

    Carbonation cap

    From China but only £6.38 or offers. Link here
  17. BeerCat

    The trub trapper

    Has anyone seen these before? The trub trapper. They look good and simple to use. I always waste a few liters each batch.
  18. BeerCat

    FAO - Gareth Davies.

    When are you hops available Gareth?
  19. BeerCat

    Using flaked rice and maize

    Has anyone got any experience of using flaked rice. I see it can be used for up to 40% of the grist. I intend to do a lager with it but have no idea how it will affect the mash or flavour. I got it uncrushed otherwise i think it would turn to dust. I also have some flaked maize which has been...
  20. BeerCat

    Cheapest MJ yeast seller?

    I need to pick up some Mangrove Jacks yeast and i cant find ebay seller i was going to use. There was one which sold multiple packs at a discount. Does anyone know the cheapest seller on there? Cheers