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  1. gar

    Solomon Grundy add back sachet?

    hi, i'm just doing a Solomon Grundy medium dry white kit. just before the fining are added, it has an Add Back sachet to add. it looks like grape juice, does anybody know what it is and what it does? thanks
  2. gar

    Ritches simply stout with table sugar

    Hi. I regularly brew the simply stout with a kilo of BKE and I like the results. This time I have no BKE, or any in the pipeline for a while. I do have table sugar, brown sugar and 300g of brewing sugar. I also have some crystal malt, chocolate malt and roast barley. Will I get away with...
  3. gar

    Brewpaks Scammonden dark anyone

    This has been in the bottle over 2 months. It doesn't smell nice, bit yeasty. It's got a strange fizz and looks like bisto. The rich treacley flavour comes through but it tastes like it'd give you bad guts. Anyone else tried the stuff
  4. gar


    hello again, back in the olden days, I had a cracking big funnel with a removable filter/strainer. that was 35 years ago and I can't find similar in the modern world. anyone seen one for sale recently? ta.
  5. gar

    treated water shelf life

    i was planning to brew today , so last night i filled the fv with water and popped some campden in. anyway today i wake up with some mystery lurgy and ain't up to a 5 hour brew. will the water keep until next weekend? or should i just start again?
  6. gar

    Grape powder from Eb*y

    have brewed a DJ of white wine using this Grape powder. after reading lots on here, I went for 1.1kg sugar, pecto, Campden, nutrient and the yeast that came with the tub of...
  7. gar

    Another Wherry cherry popped

    I've just brewed a wherry. it was reduced at Wilko and I've been meaning to do a 2 can kit because limited for space in the house and I've got a 13 litre FV. anyway, finished at 1012 and bottled in PET . took 4 long weeks to carb up, but still tastes twangy. is this time scale typical of...
  8. gar


    it's traditional in our house to drink stout during November. once the clocks go back, time for lovely stout. so I made a batch in late august to be ready this weekend. chocolate vanilla, it's worked well in the past. I open the first bottle, it wasn't a gusher, but quickly turned into a snow...
  9. gar

    finding the causes of off flavours?

    hi all I've had a nightmare 6 months of brewing drain cleaner. would any one be willing to do a taste test to try help me ID the cause? I can send a bottle thro the post... cheers
  10. gar

    raw ale / no boil?

    hi, new here has anyone tried brewing a raw ale? I've just tried my first. it looked and smelled good, but lacking flavour. came out to 4.4%. I'm going to have another go this weekend. first time I mashed at 65c, next time i'll go for 70c to try increase body / maltyness. I'm also upping the...
  11. gar


    hi moved to a bigger house last year, so started brewing all grain again after 30 year gap. the local brewery are happy to supply ingredients. only one duff batch so far. cheers