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  1. buddsy

    Winexpert Chilean Malbec

    Hi all buoyed on with my success with the Winexpert Pinot Grigeo white Ive taken the plunge with the Malbec Ive made a Beaverdale Merlot which was nice but a little on the thin side. Im hoping this will be as good as their white. I decided to give this one a go in my fermzilla. Im hoping...
  2. buddsy

    Badger Golden Champion urghh whats that taste?

    I really enjoy most Badger brewery beers but last night had a bottle of their golden champion. First beer Ive had to pour away as long as I can remember. There was a smell taste I couldnt place and Id like to know what it is so I can avoid it. I see it says its flavored with Elder flower but I...
  3. buddsy

    SMASH- Chrisp No.19 Floor Maris Otter Extra Pale & Chinook

    I brewed this golden ale a couple of weeks ago a recipe I had made in Brewfather. I had planned to use the Safale -US05 yeast but somehow I picked up and used the Mangrove Jacks M44 West Coast yeast. This was my 4th brew with the Brewzilla and the brew day went with out a hitch. Thanks to...
  4. buddsy

    Winexpert Classic - Italian Pinto Grigio

    As the Beaverdale Merlot 30 bottle kit I brewed turned out really well I taken the plunge on a white. The red was pretty good to start but has definitely aged really well. Im now down to maybe 10 bottles. I gone for the slightly more expensive Winexpert kit which has 8L of juice over the 6L of...
  5. buddsy

    Woodfordes Wherry Hops & Ingredients?

    Hi all Im thinking about brewing an AG Smash and have been giving the hops some thoughts. Adnams Ghost ship and Oakham Citra are good examples of Citra Hops Wherry is a beer I enjoy so I wondered which Hops were used and so searched for an all grain clone to get an idea. Despite the pages...
  6. buddsy

    Newbie Help with my Snub Nose

    Hi friends For Xmas I had bought myself a snub nose fermentor. All my brews so far have been in a fermenting bucket with lid and airlock. I was planning to brew a hoppy golden ale today using my snub nose at atmospheric pressure i.e. using a regular air lock. Then to batch prime and bottle...
  7. buddsy

    Adjusting recipe PH in Brewfather

    So Ive been playing around with Brewfather making my own recipes. Either reusing and adjusting other peoples or creating my own. David Heath & Homebrew Network both have good youtube videos detailing how its done. As you make adjustments the graph showing "style" levels changes so you can make...
  8. buddsy

    Brewfather Alkalinity Question

    So after learning much from strange-steves Beginners Guide to Water Treatment I have done a couple of brews adjusting my Alkalinity down from 228ppm to 30ppm for a hoppy beer using CRS. I have my water profile saved in Brewfather and it will calculate additions to alter magnesium, calcium etc...
  9. buddsy

    Get er brewed - Proper English IPA

    Yesterday made my first batch with my new Bewzilla. I bought this all grain kit from get er brewed to get started. Proper English IPA All seemed to go ok for a first use of my new machine. I done basic water adjustments reducing the alkalinity from 228 to approx 20ppm I did make at least...
  10. buddsy

    Newbie Brewzilla question - Mash and Sparge size?

    Hi friends Ive a little experience with all grain from some small batches I done on my stove top. I bought a Brewzilla and to simplify first brew I bought the Propper English IPA all grain kit from Geterbrewed. Kit said it came with full instructions which when reading didn’t give a sparge...
  11. buddsy

    Sparge water heating.

    Im looking at a reasonable way to heat sparge water for a Brewzilla. Ive seen this on ebay and wondered if this is a reasonable way to go price/functionality? 20litre Electric Urn £54.00 Very interested in what current brewzilla (or similar) use. cheers buddsy
  12. buddsy

    Another new member from Norfolk!

    Hi Im buddsy Back in the 80s my dad used to do a few of the old Boots wine kits. When I was about 12 me and my pal used to go to the library and started making our own fruit wines! hahaha Ive done a few beer kits over the years with a pressure barrel. Nothing really too serious. Mainly...