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  1. Lesinge

    1944 William Youngers IPA from "Shutup about Barclay Perkins"

    I brewed this as part of my historic beer recipes project and I have to say its very nice. Very Simple Recipe: 3.5kg Golden Promise 1.9kg Flaked Barley Fuggles 23g @ 75mins Fuggles 14 @ 30mins EKG 8g Dry Hop White labs 028 Edinburgh Ale Yeast 67c Mash, Mash out 75c (10 Mins) Flavour is like...
  2. Lesinge

    The Encircling Hop

    This is a great read Wife bought it for me for my birthday and as I grow hops as well as brew I was interested in the history of hops growing and drying etc. Really good read centering on one farm in Kent from the 1700s...
  3. Lesinge

    Vintage Beers

    Hi all Maybe there is already a thread on this and if so please let me know. I am embarking on brewing some vintage beers, some from the rather excellent Ron Pattison's website (shutupaboutbarclayperkins) (and yes I have also bought a book from there (Edwardian Beers or something like that))...
  4. Lesinge

    African Queen Hops

    Hi all. Using these in a simple brew to see what they bring (4kg Golden Promise, 300g Vienna and 250g Carapils). I can't find much on their parentage but the smell reminds me of (in no particular order) mild Citra, EKG and a noble hop so would love to know where they came from but it seems the...
  5. Lesinge

    Top of the range Beer Kit v All Grain

    Hi all. I have been all grain brewing for years now, first BIAB and then with the GrainFather and love it as it gives me scope to really play around with hops, yeast and malt etc. When I was kit brewing (and I made loads) I never got into doing the top of the range ones like Bulldog etc as they...
  6. Lesinge

    First brew with home grown hops

    a few years ago my wife bought me three First Gold dwarf hop plants for my birthday and as with everything else gardening wise I neglected them for a couple of years and then put them in an area of my garden called “Honey’s Garden” and forgot about them. This year my wife noticed that they were...
  7. Lesinge

    Brewery Tours and Visits

    Not sure if this is the best place for this but I thought it might be worth noting what Breweries you have visited and anything that you learnt from them. We have toured Adnams, Bateman's, Camden, St Peters and this week went to Elgoods. At Elgoods they had these Copper cooling "trays" which I...
  8. Lesinge

    Golden Jester

    158th Brew Golden Jester 22nd June 2018. 4kg of Maris Otter, 300g of Carapils and 200g of Red Rye Crystal Malt. Hops 15g Chinook at 15m, 10 of centennial and 10 of Jester at 15, the same at 5 and then 20g At hop stand. Pitched US05. Colour at pitch is darkish orange rather than the red I was...
  9. Lesinge

    Blue Giant

    159th Brew. 29/06/18. Blue Giant. 4kg Maris Otter and 300g of Carapils. 20g of Southern Cross at boil, 10g Southern Cross and 10g Belma at 15, same again at 5 and 20g of Belma at the hopstand. I may have mixed this up so we either have 20g mixed at 15 or 20g of Belma and the mixed bag at...
  10. Lesinge

    Dilly Dilly!!

    So a new advert from the pee factory for their Bud Light - a disgusting no point beverage that sullies the name of Beer. Can you imagine people even in the Medieval past wanting to drink that rubbish?
  11. Lesinge

    Rakau Red

    This is an "IPA" using 4kg MO, 500g Carared and 300g of torrified wheat. The idea was to get a kind of reddish beer. The hops were 22g of Chinook at boil, 13g of Rakau at 15g and 20g Rakau for a 20 min hop stand. Pitched US05 OG is 1056 so this will be 6% if it gets down to 1010. Colour at...
  12. Lesinge

    D (a rye flavoured yeast test - no 1 US05)

    147th 10/01/18 Official title D (as in D&T). 4kg Maris Otter extra light, 500G Rye Malt, 250g Carapils. Hops 20g Centennial (10%) at start of boil, 20g Jarrylo (13.3%) at 15 and then 20G Jarrylo and 20G Amarillo hops at flame out. Yeast for this one is US05 and the OG is 1054 so we will be look...
  13. Lesinge

    No Man's Land Yuletide Beer

    I had a number of bits and pieces of malt and hops and thought to make them into a beer as you do. As it it Christmas and we have German (and their first world war allies) ingredients but British yeast and some MO malt my wife suggested the moment when they had a truce on Christmas day. So...
  14. Lesinge


    Amber Star 15/09/17. Used 3.8kg of MO, carapils, extra dark crystal, tiny bit of CaraMunch. Used Wilko Gervin yeast. Hops 29g chinook at start, 10g bramling cross and 20g Brewers gold at 15, at flameout 29g bramling cross and 20g Stryian Golding. Was below 20 litres so chucked in some spring...
  15. Lesinge

    cascade single hop

    140th brew 14/10/2017 Cascade Single hop IPA. 41g Cascade at start, 20g Cascade 15m, 20g Cascade 5mins, 63g Cascade at flameout. 4.2kg Low colour MO an 290g Carapils. Got around 22 litres of this with a OG of 1058 which as higher than expected. Colour at pitch pale yellow to lemony 10-13 L...
  16. Lesinge

    The Dolby System "English" Saison

    The Dolby System "English" Saison. 19/03/17. 2.2kg Maris Otter, 1.9kg Vienna Malt, 470g Torrified Wheat (had no Wheat malt) and 112g of Extra Dark Crystal. 30g EKG at 70mins, 20 EKG at 10mins, 22g Dana at flameout. Got 21L of this and the OG is 1053 means at 1010 it will be 5.6%. Taste at pitch...
  17. Lesinge

    Anyone here from the Hemel area?

    And if so, is there any brewing clubs/groups around the place?
  18. Lesinge

    Brewmaker Export Strong Bitter

    I made a base for this kit and for a Brewmaker Scottish Heavy kit as I didn't have any spray malt. The base was as follows. Base for two beers below was 2kg of Maris, 250g of Carapils, 150g of Aromatic Malt and 70g of Cared with 50g of very dark crystal malt. Mashed this and boiled for 30...
  19. Lesinge

    Brew mania!

    Tomorrow I plan to make an English Saison (with MO as I have no other base grains!) plus at the same time mash some MO to add to two different kits, Brewmaker Scottish Heavy and their Strong English Bitter. This will give me three brews all going at the same time in one day. These will be added...
  20. Lesinge

    Bucklebury Ferry Antipodean Amber Ale

    Bucklebury Ferry NZ Amber Ale, 4kg Maris Otter, 300g Vienna, 200g very dark crystal. Hops 20g Waimea at start, 18g Summer at 15, 15g of Summer and 15g of Wai iti at flameout. At pitch I was getting an OG of over 1060 so added a few litres of cold water to bring it down to 1052/54 which should...