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  1. St00

    St00s Br00 Days

    Monday 23rd August 2021 07:34 Wake up - Think of everything I could do to get ahead on the brew day. Spend 15 minutes procrastinating and fall asleep. Five Points Best 09:29 I recirculate 10 litres boiling water through the recirc pipe, whirlpool arm, CFC and measure water additions. I rub...
  2. St00

    Brohemian Pilsner

    Just sharing my Pilsner Recipe. It's a perfect summer beer for people who don't drink "craft", but also a damned fine beer, which should impress beer nerds alike. It's unfined, but that's because I forgot to add the brausol and it's pretty clear after the 2 weeks in the kegerator (after 4...
  3. St00

    Craft: An Argument: Why the term 'Craft Beer' is completely undefinable, hopelessly misunderstood and absolutely essential

    Hello brewers and brewsters I've just finished reading Craft: An Argument: Why the term 'Craft Beer' is completely undefinable, hopelessly misunderstood and absolutely essential by Pete Brown. It's not the longest of books at 209 pages, but definitely worth a read if you're interested in the...
  4. St00

    Grainfather Conical Fermenter Upgrade (Ludicrously cheap and simple)

    Hello, When I moved to kegging I purchased the Grainfather Pressure Transfer kit, only to find that the out tube at the bottom wouldn't fit standard 10mm beer line...
  5. St00

    Request:Northern Monk's Faith

    Has anyone got a successful tried and tested clone of Northern Monk's Faith please? I'm also asking Google, bit thought I'd check. Got the Pint365 working and thought it'd be nice to try it next. Thank you
  6. St00

    Plaato Valves on Special Free international shipping. Happy bank holiday folks.
  7. St00

    Tube/valve/Connector Query

    Hello, I've updated the pump on my Grainfather to a Blichmann Riptide. I'd like to remove it after brewing for thorough cleaning and tidying up. Does anyone know of any connection/valve or a device I can put the in the hose, which will stop the fluid draining out? Thank you for any help...
  8. St00

    Yet another water query

    Forum brains - I done got a detailed water report done, but it don't all line up proper with Brewfather. Help me Obi Won Kenobi - you're not my only hope, but you'll save me spamming it in further forums. Also, you'll have bragging rights, "I helped a dumbass make better beer today" it'll make...
  9. St00

    Hangover Discussion

    I attended a Fringe event from the Cloudwater Friends and Family festivities last night at the Northern Monk Refectory in Manchester. The guys from the Malt Miller were there and some representatives from White Labs. As a result I'm at work a delicate, fragile, flower of a man. What's...
  10. St00

    Landlord Conditioning, Force carbonation or priming Query

    Dear beer aficionados I've purchased the Malt Miller's Premium Landlord Clone AG kit. I love it on draught, but don't think it's half as delicious in bottles. I'd welcome people's opinions on what to do with it when fermentation's over as I know that people recommend conditioning in the bottle...
  11. St00

    WLP4040 Midwestern Ale Yeast

    Hello folks, My next brew will be a Bells Two Hearted Ale Clone - I've not used "WLP4040 Midwestern Ale Yeast" before and wanted to know of anyone's experiences using it. The recipe calls for pitch at 18°c, ferment at 20°c for a week, Dry Hop 100g Centennial "Allow two hearted clone to stay...
  12. St00

    United Utilities Water Report - Opinion Required

    Good morning folkses Do you think the attached water report is suitable (using the averages) for water treatment? Or is it worth getting a professional report done? Any recommendations gratefully received. Many thanks.
  13. St00

    Grainfather Cooling Pump Kit Questions

    Hello folks, I hear people use these kits in a variety of fashions, glycol solutions in buckets housed in feezers etc. How do you use yours? How effective is it? Does it work with an inkbird? I'm looking to invest in one and want to hear about the best most effective ways of using them. Many...
  14. St00

    Is it even worth it? Keep or Bin?

    I took a break from brewing 'cause when we moved I lost the brew space. As a result when we moved again and I gained some brew space I thought I'd use up the old hops and grain from 2013.... It only cost me some maris otter and a yeast (FM11 Heathery Heights) so I made the following recipe...
  15. St00

    Vanguard Hops UK

    Has anyone used a hop called Vanguard? and if so where did you manage to find it in the UK? I'm looking at a Brooklyn Lager clone and I can't find it. I can use substitutes, it's no bother, but I couldn't see any threads about it so thought I'd start one.
  16. St00

    Stuart, Stockport, Returning to beer making.

    3 years away due to losing brewing space. Shiny new Grainfather kit (GF, SS Conical, Modded GF Sparge Heater). 42 Loves long walks in the park, my dog, my wife, my kids, your wife, (your mum), the Magnet Pub, Tree Hugging Hippy Vegetarian, Soft Lefty, Superhero, Horror and Action films. Just...
  17. St00

    Hop Tea Advice

    I've looked through the existing hop tea posts and can't find the answers soooo.... I'm using my shiny new SS Conical fermenter and cold crashing seemingly isn't an option, it seems to retain the yeasts heat so well I could ferment outside! So to cut down on extra particulates and because it's...
  18. St00

    WLP4627 Funktown Pale Ale

    Hello you fine folks you, Has anyone got an idea of the alcohol tolerance of WLP4627 Funktown Pale Ale? I'm thinking of using it for and imperial IPA, but want to make sure it'll handle 8%-10% ABV. I had a quick google and then thought "what's the point of being a member of a forum if I don't...