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  1. ssashton

    My new dry hopping method!

    I've realised that many of my past beers have been hindered by oxygen at some point, even though many were quite drinkable. So I'm on a bit of a quest to be rid of the damn stuff! To this end I have attempted to make a device which allows me to dry hop without opening the fermenter. I use a...
  2. ssashton

    Kveik Stuck Fermentation - what to do?

    I'm fermenting this Kveik NEIPA Started at 35C. It's now 6 days in and still at 1020-1022. I put in the dry hops 3 days ago dropped to 32C. 2 days ago I added 2 tsp of yeast nutrient but it doesn't seem to have...
  3. ssashton

    OG too low - what's up?

    Today I brewed a new to me recipe - Brewboard/WHC/TMM Colab – Majorvane – NEIPA The grain bill is: 1710g Simpsons Finest Pale Ale Golden Promise 1040g Crisp CaraGold Malt 460g Crisp Dextrin Malt 750g Crisp Naked Oat Malt 760g Crisp Torrified Wheat 4720g total The recipe says OG should be...
  4. ssashton

    Simon's Brewing Method

    This is a detailed description of my brewing method and I would appreciate any tip on what I might be able to improve! Mash grain in nylon bag. Electric kettle with digital temp controller, plate on the bottom to keep bag off the heater. Usually 60 mins at ~65C. Water from the tap, no...
  5. ssashton

    Wort Chiller Copper vs. Stainless

    I have a DIY copper immersion wort chiller. I don't like the fact that it comes out of the wort looking cleaner (slightly pink) than it went in. Anybody convince me why it's okay and I shouldn't waste money on a stainless one?
  6. ssashton

    Taste my beer?

    Hi All, I've been brewing for a couple years now and made some rather nice stout, lager and recently a fruity kveik (neipa I guess). HOWEVER I always have this taste in my IPA (aiming at punk IPA, neck oil, etc) and I don't know what causes it or even how to describe it accurately. It's not bad...
  7. ssashton

    Gas and fizziness?

    Hi everyone, I used to use a pure CO2 gas bottle with my corny kegs, but I now have a 'beer gas' bottle which is 60% CO2 and 40% Nitrogen. I'm just not getting the fizz, despite having the keg at 3.5C and pressure at 30PSI which this chart says should give me 2.6 volumes CO2...
  8. ssashton

    Where did I buy my grain bag?!

    I want to buy another grain bag but I can't find where I got it :confused.: It has a steel ring around the top that keeps it open while hanging and makes it easy to sparge. Can anyone help me find where to buy another?? I did buy it after a recommendation from a user here. Thanks! Simon
  9. ssashton

    Using lots of Oats and Wheat?

    I would like to brew tomorrow but I have only got 1.6Kg of pilsner base malt :( I do have about 1Kg each of: Carapils Caramalt Crystal Light Flaked Malted Oats Malted Wheat WWYD (what would you do) to make up about a 3Kg grain bill? I have lots of hops: Cashmere, Cascade, Nelson, Amarillo...
  10. ssashton

    Affordable Beer Taps?

    I bought these taps from eBay about 1 year ago. Practically they work great - easy to use and easy to clean. However after less than 6 months I started to see plating disappear. I don't know if it affects flavour but it the plating must have gone somewhere and I'm not sure if the base metal is...
  11. ssashton

    Abscorbic Acid in Light Beer?

    I was watching this Genus Brewing video yesterday. It has some really great advice, even if you have been brewing for a while! Genus Brewing - Bad Beer Fixed 00:10 - Water Chemistry 01:49 - Fermentation Temperature 03:43 - Crystal Malt 05:11 - Sediment in Fermenter 06:19 - Hops in IPA's 07:47...
  12. ssashton

    Dry Hopped Larger

    I want to make a dry hopped lager. However, I notice most dry hop larger recipes on the net do not seem to use 'lager' hops at all. Most just use Cascade, Citra etc.. typical hops used in late and dry hopping but not typical of lager. I imagined they'd be using a lager hop like Hallertau or...
  13. ssashton

    LME with Real Hops?

    When I started home brewing, like many, I used a LME kit. Most had pre-hopped extract and a few even had dry hops too (a massive ~10g lol). I was disappointed by the kits as I always wanted an American IPA style but none ever produced that, despite the label. My guess is they use pre-hopped...
  14. ssashton

    WWYD - (What Would You Do?)

    I've got some bits to use up but I've never had much luck with my own recipes. So this is WWYD? I've got: Extra Pale Malt 5Kg Flaked Malted Oats 1Kg Pale Wheat Malt 1Kg Caramalt 500g Citra Pellets 100g Cascade Pellets 100g Citra, Nelson, Cascade Aroma Oil Gervin Yeast NBS Ale Yeast
  15. ssashton

    Conditioning beer, what temp?

    I've always left my beer to condition in the corny keg in the fridge at 3.5C. I've read that the beer will clear faster when cold. However, I'm wondering if this is really the fastest way to condition, because it's about more than just clarity or dropping yeast. Am I doing it wrong, should I...
  16. ssashton

    Beer Filtering

    I recently got a beer filter with a 1 micron PP string wound filter. I made a heavily dry hopped IPA. It hardly looked any clearer after filtering :( It did however, seem to oxidise much faster (yay?!) Does anyone here filter their beer? If so, please enlighten me how and what you get from...
  17. ssashton

    Closed Transfer - No pump, no C02 Cylinder

    I just wanted to share my recent method for doing closed transfers to keep oxygen away from the brew. It may be obvious and everyone already knows, but all methods I've seen used on YouTube use a C02 cylinder to purge the new vessel and force the beer over, or use a pump after purging. What I...
  18. ssashton

    How would you use these ingredients?

    I want to brew today but I forgot to order anything, lol. Lets use what I've got, which is not much. Base Malt: 5Kg Simpsons Extra Pale, 1Kg Crisp Pale Ale Adjuncts: 0.7Kg Caramalt Hops: Wilamette 50g Hop Aroma Oils: Cascade, Citra, Nelson Suvin Not a lot to play with there. I'm wondering, do...
  19. ssashton

    Don't trust eBay sellers.

    I always struggle to wait long enough for my beer to condition out. I just want to drink it right away! Recently I brewed 3 kegs worth in quick succession hoping by the time I got to the last one, I'd have long enough for the next batch to be nicely conditioned. I use a 'top draw' floating...
  20. ssashton

    Peated Beer?

    I one had a bottle of reasonably light colour beer that was peated and had a define hint of whisky. I unfortunately don't remeber what it was! I recently made a rauchbeir with smoked malt and it was lovely, but not the same as the peated flavour. Can anybody give a recipe recommendation for a...