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  1. jayk34

    Digiboil query

    Has anyone got the kegland Digiboil and got discolouration/rust on the handles where they have been spot welded ? I had the first use of mine this morning and noticed this when cleaning it. I don't know if it's anything to worry about or something that happens to all of them. Have attached a...
  2. jayk34

    Lallemand Windsor.

    What does it mean in the technical data for this yeast when it says medium attenuation ? The reason I ask is that I pitched a packet into a 20.5 litre oatmeal stout batch. It started at an OG of 1.052 after about 9 hours and went like a rocket for just over 24 hours before stopping at 1.020 for...
  3. jayk34

    Kegland Digiboil

    I've read that a few users on here have the Digiboil. Was wondering if someone could post a picture of the fitting for the tap inside the boiler when they get a minute. Was wondering if there is enough thread from the tap to attach some ss fittings for filters. Thanks
  4. jayk34

    Greg Hughes American IPA

    Intend to try this recipe from the new edition of the book. 2 questions: 1. Anyone tried it and if so what are your thoughts ? 2. Doesn't mention any timings for dry hopping in the recipe. Was thinking of throwing the dry hops in on day 3 or 4 of fermentation but what duration should they be...
  5. jayk34

    Multiple boilers on same ring

    I was considering getting another boiler in addition to my burco. I only have one 32a ring main in my garage. Would this be enough to run 2 x 2.4kw boilers or will I need to run an extension from the house from a different ring ?
  6. jayk34

    Yeast pitch in American IPA

    I intend to do the recipe for the American IPA from the Greg Hughes book next weekend and had a query about dry yeast pitch rate. I have entered the recipe into brewfather and also checked a few calculators online and they are suggesting 2 X 11g packets of yeast for the 1.060 estimated OG If I...
  7. jayk34

    Yeast selection for brew

    First time planning on using a liquid yeast for a West Indies porter clone recipe. I should have really read the instructions on the liquid yeast pack as it requires a starter due to the expected OG of 1.063. I don't have the time, equipment or frankly the inclination at the minute to make...
  8. jayk34

    Hop flavour

    Not an important question, just more a "Is it just me?" question. I'm a new convert to hoppy IPA American style beers and have a question for those more experienced. Was drinking very hop forward beer all day and then had a bottle of my favourite West Indies porter. It tastes totally different...
  9. jayk34

    Guinness West Indies Porter Clone

    I was just converting the recipe for West Indies Porter from a website that @MmmBeer had posted yesterday and was looking for opinions on the duration of both the boil and mash stated in the recipe. It gives the boil time 85 minutes and mash of 90 minutes. Any opinions on the benefit of the...
  10. jayk34

    Brewfather append CRS

    Anyone know how to have the option of selecting CRS to acidify the mash/sparge water in the brewfather recipe section ? When it comes to the water calculator section it only allows for selection of phosphoric or lactic from the drop-down. I have CRS added to my inventory but it does not seem to...
  11. jayk34

    Smash first gold

    Was hoping to get a beer brewing day at the weekend and was going to try a smash with first gold. I only have us-05 yeast in the fridge, would this be suitable for this ?
  12. jayk34

    Fermenting capacity

    Interested to find out how much fermenting capacity everyone has ? I just bought a new fridge last month and I'm considering another one as I have to wait until the current one has cleared the fridge before brewing again.
  13. jayk34

    Cutting threaded stainless steel

    I have been trying to install a new ball valve tap into my burco boiler but ordered the wrong size of nipple to connect through the kettle as it's too long. I have it so the most of the threaded ss is out the front of the urn to attach the ball valve but need to cut off a bit to reduce the...
  14. jayk34

    jayk34 brewdays

    Thought I would have all of my brewdays in one thread so that I can look back with ease. AG#3 - Greg Hughes Northern Brown Ale 24/05/21 - Prep (2hrs 18:00 -20:00) Weighed all the grain and hops last night. Water additions for the first time. Tap water had alkalinity of 66.23ppm and calcium...
  15. jayk34

    Water additions for Northern Brown Ale

    I have a brew day planned for the weekend and the first time in going to use the excellent advice in strange Steve's water additions thread. My alkalinity is 66.7ppm and my calcium levels are 70ppm. As this is a brown ale, I wasnt going to modify the alkalinity to get it to 75ppm as my water...
  16. jayk34

    Brown Porter- Greg Hughes Recipe

    Looking for some input from anyone who has brewed this before. It has only been in the bottle 3.5 weeks but just wanted to see if anyone has tested theirs early and found a sherry like taste. Was hoping that it wasn't oxidation and would mellow out with a bit of conditioning. Worried that it...
  17. jayk34

    Thermometer/inkbird calibration

    After a few high finishing gravity beers, I decided belatedly to calibrate my thermometers as well as my inkbird. I used ice bath and boiling water tests and found that an old digital thermometer I had for kitchen use was really quite accurate. The one I used to measure mash temps was 4°C out...
  18. jayk34

    Bottling high FG beers

    Since moving to AG, I have been getting high FG finishes. They have definitely finished as I have taken readings and it has stayed the same for several days. I had a thought this morning whilst waiting for my eggs to boil in the hob for breakfast to test the new Thermometer that I bought for...
  19. jayk34

    24l coolbox for £4.50 in argos

    24l coolbox don't know how good it would be but must be worth a punt
  20. jayk34

    I need help !?

    I started out this hobby last year with just the bare essentials with a view to saving money, at least that was what I was telling my good wife :laugh8: Nine months in and I seem to have picked up an ispindle, burco/cygnet boiler and all of the associated gubbins, inkbird, heatpad, grain barrel...