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  1. London

    How stupid can you get?

    I tell the JWs that I’m Jewish and that does the trick.
  2. London

    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Fyne Panther please!
  3. London


  4. London

    Sparging in an all in one system

    +1, 2 litres at a time and always use rice hulls usually takes about 20-30 minutes.
  5. London

    I'm going Sober for October - Anyone Else?

    Not me, I’m turning 60 next week and intend to celebrate properly.
  6. London

    1st Beer brew advice

    Google Ditch’s stout pretty foolproof modified kit and very drinkable, plus you don’t need all the kit for all grain.
  7. London

    R.I.P Thread.

    RIP Roger Hunt former Liverpool player.
  8. London


    Just a good rinse and a quick clean is all I do, it’s going to get boiled on the next outing anyway .
  9. London


    13 posts up.
  10. London

    R.I.P Thread.

    RIP John Challis aka Boycie from Fools and Horses
  11. London

    R.I.P Thread.

    Jimmy Greaves rip, one of the all time greats
  12. London

    R.I.P Thread.

    So sad.
  13. London

    Show us your dog

    Bless him.
  14. London

    Show us your dog

    How old is he.
  15. London

    Show us your dog

    Lovely mate, I still miss my Staffie.
  16. London

    Brewzilla 3.1.1 fine mesh screen for malt pipe

    Most people don’t use the fine mesh, so don’t stress.
  17. London

    R.I.P Thread.

    Lee "Scratch" Perry died yesterday aged 85.
  18. London


    I did use an aeropress but have recently started using a clever dripper for coffee and I’m pleased with the results, I only have a coffee with breakfast then tea until beer o clock.
  19. London

    What are you listening to tonight.

    Streaming BBC Radio 1 Dance through my new Naim Mu-So 2.