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  1. private4587

    Carbonating temp/pressure

    hi everyone hope someone can help here, i have the chart for carbonating my brews but am puzzled by what temp i should use. Should i use the fermenting temp. or should i use the cold crash temp. I will be bottling and using KK with a my beer engine. With the KK i am not to bothered as the...
  2. private4587

    Raspberry IPA or Porter

    I am wanting to make a raspberry IPA, Porter or Witbier and was wondering if i could use the Polish syrup that i have used before in turbocider instead of actual fruit?
  3. private4587

    Dry Hopping

    I have just watched a David Heaths video on creating NEIPA and in that in the dry hopping section he mentions the various stages of adding the hops for dry hopping. He states that he adds the hops for so many days before removing them to stop grassy flavours . My question how is this possible to...
  4. private4587

    Spunding valve placement

    I have just brewed a Belgian Witbier and is currently fermenting in my all rounder in controlled temp fridge. My question is how long do i leave bubbling into a jar before placing my spunding valve in its place
  5. private4587

    Witbier and beer engine

    currently brewing a Belgian Witbier and usally bottle it but was wondering if it would be ok if i used it with my beerengine?
  6. private4587

    Recipe and water profiles

    Hi everyone just received my brewzilla which i am looking forward to using. My main aim is bitters, hoppy ales and some lagers all to be used in conjunction with my beer engine. What i am looking for is suggestions of recipes along with water profiles to suit. I have various books Graham wheels...
  7. private4587

    Wyeast best by date

    bought a wyeast 1469 but instead of MFG date it now has a best by date. as i want to overbuild this yeast to keep some for next brew anyone know how to do this. The yeast build software i use has the option for mfg date to workout viability so how do i enter this using best by date?the date in...
  8. private4587

    Overhauled Beer Engine

    I‘m about to strip down and overhaul my beer engine as it is really dirty, having been laid around in a closed pub for awhile. My question is after putting it all together and running some starsan through it would it be ok to leave starsan within the cylinder.
  9. private4587

    Enclosed Transfer

    I am wanting to complete my first enclosed transfer from my allrounder to a modified king keg, i am wondering is there a particular line size that should be used. At the moment i have a 3/8" lined up but thought i should check first.
  10. private4587

    Brewfather Water Profile

    Sam new to brew father and am trying to setup a water profile for 50/50 tap water and RO water, at the moment i use Brunwater and it does this with no problems, anyone help with the setup in Brewfather. I can set up profile for tap water and one for RO water but how to combine them to make one...
  11. private4587

    Counterflow chiller pump

    i was wondering if i could use this pump between my kettle and counterflow chiller.
  12. private4587

    Leak From all rounder

    Morning everyone recently bought a fermzilla allrounder and overall very pleased with it apart from one small problem. This is it has a small leak which i am unable to correctly locate or seal. The first leak i found was from the connects but a simple tightening fixed this. Then i found the...
  13. private4587

    Greg Hughes Baltic Porter

    I'm about to start a GH baltic porter in my all rounder, my question is i 'm going to leave my spending valve open going to a jar with stars in as a blowoff. After how many days should i leave it before closing the valve to aid self carbonation.
  14. private4587

    Stout to be used with beer engine

    I recently acquired a beer engine(today) and although its pretty dirty i have been assured that it works. Whilst i am about to clean the engine i am wanting to put down a stout taken fro Greg Hughes book. My question is should i force carbonate it in my all rounder after fermentation has...
  15. private4587

    Sam Adams pressurised fermentation

    Im about to brew a Sam Adams Boston Lager clone, using the pressurised fermentation method, my question is do i treat as a true lager and apply pressure straight away or do i treat it as an ale and let it ferment naturally?
  16. private4587

    King Keg Usage

    i am about to undertake pressure fermentation using my soon tone fermzilla allrounder, i will ferment in this and also force carbonate in it. my idea if its possible is to fit a couple(gas & liquid) posts to a lid of a king keg barrel. I would also serve from the liquid post thus allowing no air...
  17. private4587

    Cider Carbonisation

    just bottled my 29lt batch of cider and in the brewing fridge @22C, my question is what is the minimum amount of time do i need to leave in here before i can move to a cooler place as i am desperate to get another brew in the fridge before apples start going off.
  18. private4587

    Greg Hughes Honey Ale

    I am about to attempt Greg Hughes Honey Ale and was wondering what water profile would suit this best?
  19. private4587

    PartyStar Deluxe Tap

    Morning everyone, as any one managed to strip a PartyStar Deluxe tap down to overhaul a sticky valve? At the moment mine just keeps on pouring when i release lever.
  20. private4587

    Partystar Deluxe Tap Wont stop pouring

    As per title I have Partystar deluxe tap which has worked fine since I first got it. Yesterday i tapped into a new keg and went to pour a pint all was good the usual amount of foam but to my horror would not stop pouring. Normally once handle released it stops but not this time. Anyone any ideas...