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    Hydrometer accuracy

    Just brewing my first beer after a few efforts with wine. Its a Georgie Bitter 40 pint kit. Seems to be stuck at 1012 after a week fermenting - just wondering if its OK to bottle at that - instructions say 1005 or below, which seems unlikely. Temp has been 22 degrees give or take throughout. Cheers.
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    Cleaning equipment

    A quick query about cleaning. I've just been using washing up liquid, then sanitising everything prior to storage, and sanitising again before using. Is that a no no? Seems to have been OK so far, but was wondering what other people do to clean their equipment.
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    Love Brewing Premium Chardonnay kit

    Don't know how much use this will be, as it was my first effort at any sort of home brewing, but here goes... I got the kit with a starter bundle from Love Brewing, and wasn't really sure what to expect. There was a 5litre jerry can of juice (well, juice plus sugars etc) and everything else...
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    Demijohn headspace

    Have just finished a batch of Merlot, and decided to use demijohns rather than bottles. Managed to fill 3 right up to the neck, but the 4th is a little short - just above the point where the demijohn begins to curve towards the neck (the shoulder maybe??) Is this too much headspace, and if so...
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    Has fermentation finished??

    Another dumb question - sorry! My batch of 30litres of chardonnay has been fermenting for 7 days - I've had two hydrometer readings of 1000, but have noticed the occasional rumble from the airlock. thought it had stopped. Will it affect the wine if I leave it on the dead yeast for maybe another...
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    Degassing and plastic carboys.

    Hello. I'm new to the whole wine making thing. Have my first batch on the go - a Wine Works Chardonnay. Just getting to thinking about degassing. I've read quite a bit on this forum and elsewhere, and am a little confused. I'll be using a paddle to degas, and was wondering if having spent a day...