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  1. Daddynoob

    PB carbonation help

    Have just carbonated a batch of larger in a PB With a co2 capsule on the lid The first 3-4 pints came out as nearly all froth Then about a week later still frothy but a bit flat Any ideas
  2. Daddynoob

    Adding hops to out of date lager

    Have got some out of date lager giving to me which is about 2-3 years old Have bought some hops and a net But haven’t done this before Do I add the hops after about a week of fermenting and how much do I use and can it be reused Any advice would be great
  3. Daddynoob

    Fermenting fridge help

    Am I doing ok on a fermenting fridge as it’s the first time doing one Any pointers would be great I might put the bottles in the bottom to carbonate on a heat pad as I can’t seem to get the right amount of sugar to carbonate in a PB as it’s always flat
  4. Daddynoob

    Co2 help

    Have just done my first co2 batch in a pressure barrel but the co2 is not releasing when I tighten it After fermented I carbonated about 12 bottles which were ok apart from a huge head (1 and a half ts) And put the rest in the pressure barrel Tried it after 2 weeks and it’s flat and just say...
  5. Daddynoob

    Heat pad help

    Am thinking of buying this Will it get me up to temperature for lager or will I need to buy a thermostat Or just get a brew belt Want to keep it at temperature in the shed
  6. Daddynoob

    Bargain buy guess how much

    Just got a bargain How much do you think I paid
  7. Daddynoob

    Couple of newbie questions

    1. Can I ferment in a PB 2 what are the co2 used for on a PB 3 flat lager in Pb why ( batch primed just added sugar and left for 2 weeks Did not boil just added straight to PB after fermented
  8. Daddynoob

    Out of date lager

    I have a out of dat my tins premium lager March 2018 Would it be ok to use if I got fresh yeast And if so what kind of yeast as I just use what comes with the kit
  9. Daddynoob

    Best sugar

    What is the best sugar to carbonate I saw this but not sure if it’s any good 🤔🤔
  10. Daddynoob

    PB or bottles (NOOB)

    I finished my first ever Geordie lager and it was a success Thanks for all the advice So have now stepped it up a bit Bought another FV and 3 more lagers I bottled then 1st batch and put in the Fridge Could I use a PB after fermented and pour straight to glass Also how would I keep it the PB...
  11. Daddynoob

    Pricing help

    Are these cheap? 2nd hand kit £25 also heated mashing bucket £50
  12. Daddynoob

    Checking fermentation

    I done my very first brew on Friday and checked my hydrometer reading which I think it was ok It was in the red saying start beer How often do I check it ?
  13. Daddynoob

    Hi de hi

    Hi all I am Shaun from the north east This is my first time so please be gentle Will probably have loads of questions as I am just about to go for it 🍺