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  1. Buffers brewery

    Engineer or Ingeniator?

    Saw this clip on the front page of The Times today. I’ve often thought that the term “Engineer” was over-used and didn’t reflect the profession.
  2. Buffers brewery

    Two birds with one stone? Another mad invention from Buffers brewery

    Some of you may have read in my brew day thread that I had a bit of bother doing a closed transfer as my pipes got blocked ashock1......with hop sediment. So put my mind to seeing if I could fix it. So this is all theory at the moment as I will have to do another NEIPA brew to prove it works...
  3. Buffers brewery

    Steaming Billy 1485 bitter

    Mate of mine loves this beer but can't get it from his local anymore :confused.:. Anybody know this beer and or got a recipe to share? Cheers
  4. Buffers brewery

    Keeping pumps clean

    I use the small 12 volt dc solar pumps for recirculating and transferring during my brew day. When I’ve finished a circulate hot clean water through the pumps and when it’s time to brew again they get stripped down to clean all the nasty black gunge out and sanitise. I’m thinking this must be a...
  5. Buffers brewery

    CO2 purging barrels/cornys. How do you do it?

    Looking at various threads there seems to be at least 4 methods. Method 1 Pressurise the container (barrel or corny) with CO2 from a regulated gas cylinder. Vent and repeat 3 or more times. Method 2 Fill the container with water and, after sealing it closed, displace the water with CO2 from a...
  6. Buffers brewery

    Prototype Dry hopper - Fermzilla All rounder

    Got into a bit of a dry hopper rut here. Following on from my dry hopper for a standard fermentation bucket I was invited by a fellow member to create a design for the Fermzilla All rounder. Not owning an All rounder was the first challenge, but ultimately managed to come up with something that...
  7. Buffers brewery

    Dry hopper

    Some of you might remember a recent post of mine in my brew day thread.... ..where my dry hopper gadget failed to dispense half the hops for my dry hopping. Well, undeterred I’ve pressed on and following the purchase of a new toy (3D printer! clapa) I’ve been able to make a MK2 version that I...
  8. Buffers brewery

    Call out to Fermzilla Allrounder (techy) users

    I’ve got a bit of a project/challenge relating to the Fermzilla Allrounder, that I don’t have asad. Is there a user out there that can measure and let me know the ID of the neck and the screw thread details? My source has a brew in his at the moment and I’m being a bit impatient :laugh8: Sorry...
  9. Buffers brewery

    Hand pull pumps and balloons!

    I don’t have one myself but have read several threads on the forum regarding this type of tap and the gas set up required to get them to operate. A recent thread on here got my brain diving off at a tangent and landing here! As I understand it, this “pub-style” tap was intended to be used with...
  10. Buffers brewery

    Fermentation time question

    So, I currently have a brew in my fermentation fridge. It’s been there 7 days so in the “finishing off” phase. I was wondering what the consequences would be if, rather than wait for fermentation to finish (2 SG readings the same over 3 days) if I were to transfer to my King Keg a day or so...
  11. Buffers brewery

    This’ll make you smile

    I’m not getting any younger and since raising my fermentation fridge to make beer transfer easier, I’ve found it more of a struggle to lift a fermentation bucket with 23 litres of fresh wort the required 30 inches or so to get it onto my table to get it in the fridge. I’m sure some of you have...
  12. Buffers brewery

    Carbonation conundrum

    Up until now I've always primed my PB with sugar solution. Carbonation produces excess CO2 that exhausts out of the pressure relief valve usually leaving my beer at around 10 psi before I drop the temperature to 10C to condition. Question: If I didn't prime the PB with sugar solution but instead...
  13. Buffers brewery

    Hop bag for pellets?

    Up until now I've always used hop leaf/flower rather than pellets. Hop use is mostly during the boil but have also used to make a hop tea added during priming. So I'm considering a dry hop which I’ve only tried once before with not a great outcome. I know hop leaf hold a lot of wort so thinking...
  14. Buffers brewery

    What OG to achieve ABV

    So, doing a brew tomorrow and trying to sort my grain bill. Making a pale-ish ale using pale malt, carapils and crystal malt 40L. Never sure if the last two malts produce fermentables or not. Do I use just the pale malt weight to arrive at the OG that will achieve my target ABV or do I include...
  15. Buffers brewery

    Sparkler Tap for Pressure Barrel

    I have 3 Sparkler Taps for pressure barrels that I don’t need anymore. Anybody interested DM me. £10 each, £17.50 for 2 or £25 for all three including UK postage (£3.20). NOTE: they are all missing their rubber seals - I used them for something else.
  16. Buffers brewery

    A simple false bottom for coolbox mash tun The false bottom in the above thread uses copper tubing and fittings to produce a manifold that connects to the coolbox tap. My problem with this approach, which I understand is very popular and widely...
  17. Buffers brewery

    Pressure Transfer

    I’ve noticed recently the term “pressure transfer”. Is this a confusion of pressure fermentation and closed transfer? Just wondering what, if any, are the advantages? I’ve recently started closed transfer between my FV and PB but done at atmospheric pressure. Am I missing something? :confused.:
  18. Buffers brewery

    Do balloons burst?

    I've done one brew now where I've been able to utilize the CO2 from fermentation to fill a King Keg and a couple of foil balloons. It so happened that I was on hand to monitor the inflation of the balloons and could disconnect them when they were full. I was wondering what would happen if the...
  19. Buffers brewery

    How many mince pies and Christmas puddings have you eaten so far this December

    I’m on my third box of six mince pies and just finished my second individual Christmas pud. Can’t resist. But what do you drink with them?
  20. Buffers brewery

    Another Bruloonlock method

    Having tried and failed at the @DocAnna method (my fault, not hers) and being chastened by @Coffin Dodger for not doing my research properly :laugh8: I decided to create another option for pimping a foil balloon to collect CO2 (yes, not enough to do). So, take your balloon and using a pair of...