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  1. Haggerma

    Home made cooling jacket

    Decided to make myself a cooling jacket for when I have full size kegs in. The keg is sitting on a plant pot tray to collect any condensation. Then wrapped 8m of 3/8 inch copper pipe which is connected to my shelf cooler, then wrapped in two layers of foil insulation. I'm awaiting delivery of...
  2. Haggerma

    Ruined my first batch tonight

    Lack of concentration I miss read the instructions and added too much sugar into beer when batch priming. There was two amounts, 150g for larger and 85g for all other beers and I put 150g in. Tasted it after bottling and it was like drinking sugar water. I know its meant to be sweet but Ill...
  3. Haggerma

    Bulldog premium cider - batch priming

    Been brewing my first cider and its ready for bottling tomorrow. The Instructions say a teaspoon of granulated sugar per 500ml bottle, but as I'm batch priming I was planning on dissolving 165g in about 300ml of warm water... Is this enough?
  4. Haggerma

    Finished setting up my beer lines

    Virtually got all the lines setup under the bar, I have a three line maxi cooler, two lines going up to the taps and I need to connect up a party tap. This setup enables me to have a commercial keg and 2 corney running, whilst still having a spare line for carbinating another corney so my...
  5. Haggerma

    Definitely got the brewing bug

    So I only started brewing this year and I have just taken delivery of my 6th kit. First kit was a pilsner Second was Rocket ale Currently brewing Southern gold digger larger. Next is bulldog mixed berries cider Followed by either the wherry bargain I got at tesco or the Better Brew - Bandit...
  6. Haggerma

    Higher than expected final gravity reading

    Evening all So, I have had a beerworks golden rocket pale ale kit brewing. I Added the hops on day 7 (kit did day day 5) and then left it for another 10 days - so 17 days in total. Took a gravity reading yesterday and today (today being day 10). It has been at a stable 20 degrees throughout...
  7. Haggerma

    Which keg,

    I already have a bar setup at home, with shelf chiller, taps, gas and s-key setup including cleaning socket. I'm looking at options for legging my home brew, I know about the corney kegs and they are easier to clean. However has anyone had any experience with these NDL kegs...
  8. Haggerma

    First brew underway

    So got my first brew underway this evening - a muntons pilsner. Hydrometer reading of 1030 before the yeast was sprinkled on. Now onto amazon to but more kit so I can get another batch going in a few weeks times.
  9. Haggerma

    Hello all - another newbe

    Evening all, Just joined the forum as I see it as a great community and a great source of information and help. I have a home pub (man cave) where i have a draft tap setup with in-line cooler. I have been planning on brewing my own beer for a while and got a home start kit for Xmas. The...