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  1. Spit

    Turbo cider stuck.

    Hi I have a 20l batch of turbo cider which I made last Sunday and have just taken a hydrometer reading this morning which is 1045 from an original 1055 I was expecting it to have just about finished. I have made the same recipe several times now and all went very well. So 20l apple juice 1k...
  2. Spit

    Roosters yankee

    Just if anyone has any recipe for a similar brew to Roosters Yankee or something that showcases cascade hops looking for something light about 4%. Thanks in advance.
  3. Spit

    Too much priming sugar.

    I've had a bit of a disaster today I used a measuring spoon which I thought said 1/2 tsp but actually said 1/2 tbsp thus put 3/4 tbsp per bottle of sugar in. I know I should have put my glasses on. So 5l turbo cider and 8l speckled hen in danger of exploding me thinks. I was wondering if it...
  4. Spit

    Cold crash to freezing

    Hi all I've had a bit of a cold crash disaster in that my fridge went down to 0 in the night airlock is frozen and a very thin film of ice on the beer. Any advice please.
  5. Spit

    Hop addition at 0 mins

    Hi folks sorry another day another question. Just wondering when the recipe says hop at 0 mins or flame out do you add the hops to the hop spider and leave it in the grainfather while you cool the wort into the fv. I'm asking because it is very difficult to do any whirlpooling with the spider...
  6. Spit

    Extremely fast fermentation

    Hi all I have just ventured into the world of all grain brewing and got my first brew going on Saturday its a landlord clone from the Malt Miller. All went to plan just a litre short of target sg1050 a little higher than expected 1045 I put that down to smaller batch size. I pitched yeast at 18°...
  7. Spit

    What shall I brew next

    Hi all looking for a kit something along the lines of theakstons best bitter. Caramely not to hoppy. Anyone got any recommendations.
  8. Spit

    Festival landlords favourite TCP.

    Hi all I'm new to the forum and pretty new to brewing although had much success with kits since March last year. I've done 3 or 4 youngs kits all excellent coopers larger and stout with again excellent results but have recently done the festival landlords favourite all seemed ok until bottling...