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  1. Applesnmore

    Bottling bucket

    Bottling Festival Founding Father's and silicon washer popped off over the flange of the tap. Have bottled it having caught it in a clean bucket although it washed over the table (not sanitised) Guess all to be done is it to sup it up quick, Question what do others use. This is the soft washer...
  2. Applesnmore

    Oak flavour

    One of the things that strikes me is that classically finished wine is aged in the barrel, yet kit wines see oak for 10-14 days during primary. Does anyone have experience of adding Oak cubes during seconday fermentation (ie another 14 days)? Does it add any more flavour?
  3. Applesnmore

    Out of date Brewferm Gallia & Oranje Bock

    Some yeast advice sought. I have 2 kits of each of these Brewferm kits and am intending to do 23l brews. Conscious that the yeast may be past its best so was going to get some fresh stuff. Any suggestions as to what yeast(s) should I go for?
  4. Applesnmore

    Out of date Brewferm Gallia /Oranje Bock

    Evening. I have 2 kits of each of these Brewferm kits and am intending to do a 23l brew. Conscious that the yeast may be past its best so was going to get some fresh stuff. Any suggestions aWhat yeast(s) should I go for?
  5. Applesnmore

    New Vine Co wine kits

    So currently sipping a 24hr vintage of Wine Expert Tempranillo and can say it is very good. So much so I went online to.find another only to discover all out of stock Then looking at KenRidge to see if it is in that range- no and lots out of stock. Only to discover from Brew2Bottle that Kenridge...
  6. Applesnmore

    Potatoes, allegedly

    So my brother has got his spuds in. 2 rows each of Abbot and Sharps ( express), All I saw was him planting tinnies. Anyone think of any other matching potato / beer names?
  7. Applesnmore

    Star San - acidify water

    Some advice please. I am not a water treatment person when brewing kits, my knowledge is a bit lacking here. In the absence of Tesco ashbeck water and not wanting to waste my starsan by making milky solution, can I add acid (citric ?) to other bottled water to acidulate it enough for the...
  8. Applesnmore

    Grolsh no more in the UK

    I read in one of the newspaper links.. Speaking to The Grocer, a spokesperson said: "After 35 years, Asahi and Molson Coors have agreed to end the joint venture agreements for the Grolsch brand in the UK and Ireland. As a result, Grolsch is no longer available in the UK and Ireland. There goes...
  9. Applesnmore

    Extract stout - boiling extract??

    I picked up an out of date Black Rock Miners stout. Browsing forums for inspiration came across the suggestion of adding 1.5kg of LME 1kg Dark brown sugar 21g Nugget at start of 40 minute boil and 14g Cascade at 10 minutes. The suggestion was to boil the extract, and sugar with water. My query...
  10. Applesnmore

    Mangrove Jacks Berliner style Sour Ale

    Was surprised a the lack of Chat or YouTube clips about this kit so am giving it a whirl. Started this 23l kit on Bank Holiday Monday, because I had time available. Liked the flavour of the extract, lactic sourness, looking forward to the brew. As much as there are positives to Mangrove Jacks...
  11. Applesnmore

    Wilko home brew offers

    I see wilko have an offer on their homebrew kits Woodford wherry & Admiral and their own £20 single wine kit cans have £3 off
  12. Applesnmore

    Brewferm old Belgian brown no head

    Hello, Looking for some advice please. Made this brewferm kit. Flavour is ok but lacking (not in the vein of a Westmalle Trappist Dubbel as I was expecting), thin on body but the big problem is there is no head. Well carbonated. Fizzing away nicely. Has all the appearance of a glass of Pepsi...
  13. Applesnmore

    Alcotec 20% alcohol yeast

    Has anyone used this as a base for doing spirit style infusions - blackberry whisky, sloe gin and the likes? If so how did they turn out? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  14. Applesnmore

    Reusing french larger stubbies

    After some advice please. My weak 2.5% french larger stubbies, feel thin. Are they ok for bottling still cider? Guess they are unsuitable for a wilko golden ale. Thoughts appreciated Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  15. Applesnmore

    Date wine or is it sherry?

    Found 3 x400g packs of out of date dates for £1! So.... Quick search online and came up with "Date Wine One Gallon Date Wine--Seems to have fallen out of favour but dates are cheaper than they ever were. It is a bit sort of sherryish and we don't drink a lot of sherry any more. They drank...
  16. Applesnmore

    Blackcurrant wine CJJ Berry recipe

    After some thought please. 3 weeks ago I made 10l of blackcurrant by crushing 3kg of blackcurrants and adding 3kg sugar dissolved in 6 litres of water. Added 2 campden tablets, then 2 days later strained and added pectolase and nutrient. Put into 2 demijohns, temp 23C so added yeast (1 pack of...
  17. Applesnmore

    Malt loaf

    Hi Hope someone can help with a question of converting dme to liquid. Mum makes a malt loaf with a jar of malt extract from Holland and Barrett. It comes out light in colour so she was not impressed, even though it tasted fine. So, i thought get her some dark spraydried malt extract Question...
  18. Applesnmore

    Prune and rhubarb wine.

    Having been up the allotment early this morning, I came back with some rhubarb. As I have 10l of straight rhubarb wine underway thought I would try something different. Here goes PRUNE AND RHUBARB WINE 2 lb / 900 grams prunes 3 lb / 1,350 grams rhubarb 3 lb / 1,350 grams sugar Water up...
  19. Applesnmore

    Blackcurrant wine

    Suggestions for blackcurrants please. Yet another glut of black currants and seeing the freezer is full, fancy trying making a wine with some. The currants are sweet. Suggestions welcome ta.
  20. Applesnmore

    Wine buddy 30 bottle Sauvignon Blanc + Young's Elderflower

    Am seeking some advice please. Made the kit courtesy of the Tesco sale. Ferment ran for 10 days but life got in the way. So yesterday afternoon got the chance to rack and degas using my work cordless drill and wand. Reverse the direction and a pile of muck (probably tantalised timber and dirt)...