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  1. cheeseyfeet

    Hard seltzer sense check

    Hi, My Mrs fancied a hard seltzer on tap so I ordered a kit from the malt miller , instructions here - Looking at the volumes it doesn't seem right to me. You get 5kg of sugar yet the expected OG is 1.040, wouldn't it be higher than...
  2. cheeseyfeet

    Kolsch in Morrisons

    Hi all, I was in Morrisons in Stirling earlier today and was surprised to find some bottles of Fruh Kolsch. It's a good example of the style if not the best and the bottled is not a patch on fresh from the tap but as a Kolsch is a popular home brew it's a good reference.
  3. cheeseyfeet

    Brewzilla temp probe , error E1

    Happy new year all! My last brew of 2020 ended on a low note as my brewzilla gen 3 started to give me an E1 error on the cleaning cycle. This is a fault with the temp probe/thermistor. Does anyone have any advice or a supplier of a replacement? I usually use the kegland store on AliExpress...
  4. cheeseyfeet

    For sale or free - 60l Spiedel Fermenter, S/S IC, S/S hop spider, S/S Spinning Sparge Arm, Copper IC

    Hi, I'm having a clear out and have the following for sale - £50 - 60l Spiedel Fermenter + Tap + Airlock + Bung + Cap Top quality bit of kit, I am not brewing the volume to justify this - used only once and was immediately cleaned and sanitised. £30 - Stainless Steel Brewzilla Immersion...
  5. cheeseyfeet

    Go ferm protect for beer yeast?

    Hi folks, Does anyone use go ferm protect when rehydrating their dry beer yeast? Go Ferm Protect 100g Foil Vacuum Pack Ive used it the past couple of brews so can't really say yet if it's making a difference. I'd had a few duff brews with acetaldehyde and potentially stressed yeast off...
  6. cheeseyfeet

    First Kettle Sour - Disaster?

    Hi Guys, Yesterday I started my first kettle sour. I'm doing it in my Robobrew, I mashed as normal, sparged, did a quick 10 min boil, brought it down to 40C then pitched 10g of Lallemand WildBrew SourPitch. I set the thermostat on the Robobrew to 38C and left just the low power element switched...
  7. cheeseyfeet

    Do you need to replace hydrometers?

    Hi all, Just realised last night that I have had my current Stevenson Reeves hydrometer for at least 6 years and wondered if they need replacing periodically? Maybe I just have GAS as I'd like a nice finishing hydrometer with a large scale so I don't have to guess if its 1.009 or 1.010! Cheers!
  8. cheeseyfeet

    London beer factory - hazey daze

    Hi, Does anyone have a recipe for hazey daze by the London beer factory? It's a cracking session NEIPA type affair, the website mentions mosaic and citra but if there's a recipe knocking about I certainly can't find it! Tried emailing...
  9. cheeseyfeet

    EVA Barrier Beer Line

    Hi, Has anyone had any experience of the EVA Barrier beer line I keep seeing used in Australia and the US? It looks to be a kegland product - There isn't a distributor in the UK that I can find but I can...
  10. cheeseyfeet

    Brew builder mini FV

    Hi, Does anyone have one of the mini FVs that brew builder does? Seems a good deal for a stainless bucket type fermenter, I'm thinking of asking santa for one!
  11. cheeseyfeet

    Hozelock recommendations?

    Hi all, Does anyone have any recommendations for reliable and leak free 1/2" hozelock compatible stop end connectors? I bought a decent brass draper one but try as I might it leaks under pressure so I can't leave my outside tap on with the hose connected without a puddle of water appearing at...
  12. cheeseyfeet

    Male to Male Camlock adapter?

    Hi All, I saw someone in the US on YouTube use a male to male camlock adapter, basically a double ended type A. You could use this to join two hoses with female sockets on them, or to add an existing hose setup to a female camlock output on something like a RoboBrew (which is what I want to...
  13. cheeseyfeet

    Blocked corny

    I kegged my first neipa attempt a couple of weeks ago and I have a problem , no beer coming out! I suspect that some stray hop pellet particles have blocked the beer out poppet/post/dip tube. Any ideas how to rectify this with the least possible fannying around and oxygen pick up? Well...
  14. cheeseyfeet

    Has anyone ever used the Beersmith Burton water profile?

    As the title really, the Burton on Trent water profile in BS looks crazy to me. 700+ sulfates? Has anyone used this without getting a minerally mess of a beer?
  15. cheeseyfeet

    UK availability of counterflow chiller

    Hi all, Does anyone have any sources in the UK where I could buy a counterflow chiller? I see a few places that sell the grain father one but they're a bit steep! I know I could build one and I'd love to, but young kids and limited free time get in the way! I see some SS ones on AliExpress...
  16. cheeseyfeet

    Beersmith 3 - Total Water Mineral Content

    Hi all, I'm still getting to grips with BS3 and the water tab. I thought that I had it cracked but something is puzzling me. I add salts to both my mash and sparge water. I had always assumed that the adjusted water profiles section related to the profile of the whole volume of water (i.e...
  17. cheeseyfeet

    Washers for Cam lock Fittings

    Hi, Does anyone know of a good source for washers for type C camlock fittings? Ideally i'd want silicon ones, the ones in my existing fittings are getting a bit past it now. Only Angel homebrew seems to stock them that I can see, and I'm not really keen on paying postage for something so...
  18. cheeseyfeet

    Herms coil sealing

    Hi, I've just got myself a shiny new brew builder HERMS coil for my HLT and some stainless compression fittings. Try as I might I just can't get it to seal without a slight drip into the pot when testing by running water through the coil. On a real brewday I'm not wanting wort to run into the...
  19. cheeseyfeet

    My coupler is stuck on the nipple!

    Hi all, I have a problem! Can anyone share methods of releasing couplers from hex nipples? My hlt valve is connected to the coupler in the pot using a hex nipple but it's locked tight. I can get a spanner on the hex nut part of the nipple on the outside of the pot, but the coupler inside is...
  20. cheeseyfeet

    Brewbuilder 3kW Elements - Cable Gland Size needed

    Hi, I've just pulled the trigger on a new boiler setup from Brewbuilder and wondered if anyone could tell me the size of cable gland required for the 3kw bendy LWD elements? Looking forward to some new shiny! Thanks all, Jamie.