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  1. DavidHatton

    Keezer project

    Managed to pick up a free chest freezer from my good mate, his mom was getting rid after a new fridge freezer purchase. As it going in the spare room upstairs, this makes more sense than the 6ft larder fridge I had seen locally cheap. SWMBO would have gone mad if that turned up :laugh8: been...
  2. DavidHatton

    Fridge for corny kegs

    Hi, now I have space I am looking for some tips on fridges that can take 2 corny kegs. Got a fermentation fridge which is a small form fridge at 48cm across, can only be counter height not the larder style. What do people recommend please. Cheers David
  3. DavidHatton

    Brewing Books

    Whilst browsing Shpock for an unrelated item to brewing I saw a bunch of books, did I get a good deal for £25, been after the Graham Wheeler books for a while. Think there is 13 maybe 14 books.
  4. DavidHatton

    From beer in a box to corny keg

    Hi all, as the title suggests thinking of ordering some local Kelham island beer once I have moved, but don't think I will get through 20 litres as I don't drink as much these days, do you see any reason why I can't decant from beer in a box to a corny and keep it under gas to prolong the life...
  5. DavidHatton

    Free Flip top bottles/Swing top bottles

    Wanting to sell or have someone collect 60ish 500ml flip top bottles, all in solid condition no chips or damage and all have great seals. As much as I would love to give em away for free, most of them I bought from Brew2bottle. Since I started kegging I have only bottled twice, will be keeping...
  6. DavidHatton

    5 litre mini keg (supermarket type)

    Evening All, Does anyone have an empty keg the above style ghostship if possible, I would like a favour. could someone take a picture of the tap when its pulled out for serving, mainly the tap hole and possibly measure the diameter. my thinking is that I might be able to connect it via a john...
  7. DavidHatton

    Hand Pull Beer Engine

    First Attempt at adding a hand pull to my corny keg, repurposed book case from the cellar and it fits a keg really well. Just quick fix for the halloween session last night and tonight.
  8. DavidHatton

    Eddie Van Halen Dies

    Guitar Legend, Eddie van Halen dies aged 65.
  9. DavidHatton


    Earlier this week, Monday to be exact my local free paper Hackney Today had a free limited edition print of Street artist Stik's holding hands figures, these can be seen around Hackney and Shoreditch as street art, I have been informed. basically these prints are now selling for excess of £100...
  10. DavidHatton

    SS Brewtech 10 Gallon brew kettle set up

    SS Brewtech 10 gallon high quality brew kettle modified, the modifications I made are to emulate the clawhammer system, but with an added bonus that this system runs via a grainfather connect controller, allowing automation of recipes via the bluetooth connectivity, Also added the replacement...
  11. DavidHatton

    Belgian Dubbel Style with wyeast 1388

    Brewed my first attempt at Belgian beers with a Dubbel, brew day went good no slip ups. Cooled the wort down quickly and had it in the fermenter by 4pm, main point is fermented with wyeast belgian strong 1388. went down the cellar friday morn the next day, just to check, all is well, krausen and...
  12. DavidHatton

    No tools are kept in this van overnight

    Saw this story on sky's website, was actually checking to see if the world had come to an end because the pubs opened.
  13. DavidHatton


    Hi, Would like some advice, I am serving with a soda stream bottle and kegland regulator, no fridge, after serving, what is the best idea for the headspace left by pulling off your beer, I put some co2 in before I disconnected the gas. very new to kegging, all tips welcomed. Cheers.
  14. DavidHatton


    You brew one you get one free, Ah said, you brew one, you get the idea. Don't need any windows ont brewhouse as I brew outside thank you very much na BOGOF. Anyway, today I set out to do my first attempt at extracting two worts from the same grist, I brew on a BIAB system and normally get 70%...
  15. DavidHatton


    Going to brew a Wee Heavy on Saturday, 6.5kg grain bill, 15l finished batch size. going to try and get a second runnings from it, as I do BIAB total volume batch, got some two 20 litre pots from the wifes jam making, thinking I could do a second mash on the hob and dunk sparge in the second 20...
  16. DavidHatton


    Came across this on youtube, not alot of uploads, but I enjoyed watching them. Good one on St Austell brewery.
  17. DavidHatton

    How Tall are You.

    Not that it's Important to anything, just curious who the tallest forum member. then maybe a follow up with who has the biggest feet. Whimsical, I know, but wondered if anyone feels like they have gotten shorter during this recent time.
  18. DavidHatton

    warm fermentation

    Planning on doing a Kveik pale ale, my idea is to ferment either with the wort actually in the brew kettle as I have an ulwd element in the pot, as I want to use the kveik at the top end of its range around 38ish, alternatively I would make a water bath type thing, my false bottom sits above the...
  19. DavidHatton

    Fermenting Bucket tap thread size

    Just wanted to ask for some feedback regarding tap thread size, bought a fermenting bucket online and by mistake I asked for it to be drilled, the bucket came drilled with a 29mm hole and all my taps are too small to create a safe seal, all my tap threads are 25mm diameter. Contacted the...
  20. DavidHatton

    Fermentation Chamber

    Been thinking about final getting around to controlling my fermentation temps, but don't want to got the whole hog and buy a fridge, I already have most of the foam insulation. Was thinking of making a cube design and use the lid from a electric cool box and cut out an opening on top for the...