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  1. freflow

    Wort how long before beer tat not right

    How long have people/ brewers kept their beer on the wort before you get off flavours? I am looking to keep mine on the wort for about a month after fermentation has finished because needing to get a new barrel. Do you think I will be ok? Thanks
  2. freflow

    Sour beer

    Hi, I have started drinking my Milestone Black Pearl Irish Stout and it tastes sour! I have brewed this many times before and it never tasted like this. I have followed all hygiene protocols, it had and has only naturally produced gas in the barrel and was not opened after filling the barrel, it...
  3. freflow

    california connoisseur/On The House Wine kits

    Has California connoisseur been replaced by on the house wine kits? if not what are the on the house wine kits like? I normally only do Beaverdale or if not available California connoisseur, Beaverdale appears out of stock with everyone and California connoisseur states at most places is...
  4. freflow

    Making a cider kit to produce a dry cider

    Hi I have tried the Bulldog Brews Perfect Pear and on the rocks pear and apple cider kits and they are all little sweet for me. I like a crisp dry cider, has anybody got any tips and tricks to make them more "dry" (i already leave them to ferment them below 1000) Thanks
  5. freflow

    Homebrew supply shops highlands scotland

    Hi Does anybody know of any reasonable well stocked and one with a large section of home brew equipment and kits shop in the highlands, like inverses or wick etc. I normally do the beverdale kits for wine and muntons for beer and a lot other exotic beer ones and it is expensive to have them...
  6. freflow

    Help Yeast and stabilizer added at the same time

    Hi Advice needed please, my wife did a beverdale red wine kit today and by accident added the stabilizer instead of the yeast. She then added the yeast after she realized the mistake. Will it be OK or should we do something, ad something else? We have never had this problem/ mistake or any other...