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  1. Roddy

    TC's - Decent Carbing...

    Evening all I don't tend to keep my TC's on the go before enjoying them, but had a few disappointments recently with underfizzy brews (which is a pita, after putting lots of time and effort into concocting a brew !) So... I've more or less settled on the ideal amount of priming sugar for what...
  2. Roddy

    Brewnight: Rose ish WOW

    Evening all.... After scouring the supermarkets tonight, I finally found one that had my required 6L of red grape juice (asda) So... the what 6L Asda red grape 2L Asda Strawberry, Grape and Kiwi 4L Asda AJ 4kg tate & lyle granulated sugar 5tsp pectolase 1L strong tea (5 bag) 4tsp youngs super...
  3. Roddy

    Brewnight: Spiced Apple WOW

    Evening all ! So fancied a punt at something christmassy, inspired by DW153's recent post :) Kit 30L fermenting bucket Large saucepan Muslin bag Hydrometer Ingredients 16L Tesco AJ 1L strong tea (5 bag) 4kg tate & lyle granulated sugar 5tsp pectolase 500g raisins 5 x cinnamon sticks 8g (1/4...
  4. Roddy

    Question re raisins...

    Hi all Quick one... if I was to add raisins to a WOW type wine: Do I chop them up ? Will they float, or sink ? (Ie is muslin baggie recommended ) Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  5. Roddy

    Eureka !

    OK, so it's not the breakthrough of the century... but I used to store my TC's on a shelf and try and remember what was where.... not the most scientific method, so quite often I wouldn't know what I was about to drink until I tasted it [emoji23] So I splashed out for a £1.49 packet of...
  6. Roddy

    Brewday: Rhubarb and ginger cider

    Evening all... So, I quite fancied some sort of rhubarby cider, I made one before with juice from Morrison's (rhubarb, ginger & Apple) but they don't do that one any more.. doh. So I decided to do something along the same lines. Stuff 20L Morrison's cheapo AJ 3 x packs of morrisons 450g...
  7. Roddy

    Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb

    Evening all... so I've got a penchant for a rhubarby brew. Think it's gonna be a TC, might whizz it up tomorrow night Didn't expect to find it in the shops still, good ole Morrison's Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  8. Roddy

    450ml swing top bottles £1.50 in Asda

    And as an extra Brucey bonus, they come prefilled with free Grolsch lager beer Picked myself up a dozen last night, happy days !
  9. Roddy

    Lidl AJ on offer this week

    Sure i heard a radio ad saying that the Lidl 1.5L AJ is on offer at 49p this week [emoji1] Sent from my LG-M700 using Tapatalk
  10. Roddy

    Lidl AJ on offer this week

    Sure i heard a radio ad saying that the Lidl 1.5L AJ is on offer at 49p this week [emoji1] Sent from my LG-M700 using Tapatalk
  11. Roddy

    Brewnight: Strawberry WOW

    #2 this evening so 6L Lidl vitafit apple 6L Lidl RGJ 3 x 440ml Lowicz Strawberry 3kg Tate & Lyle 5l strong tea (5 bag) 5tsp pectolase dissolved in 1/2 warm water 4tsp youngs super wine yeast compound and.. 2l RGJ in FV sugar in kettleful of boiling water in (nice one chippy_tea)...
  12. Roddy

    Brewnight: Blackcurrant TC

    evening all after a small hiatus, I'm back in the game so 16L Lidl vitafit AJ 3 x 440ml bottles Lowicz Blackcurrant 5tsp pectolase 1L strong tea (5 bag) cider yeast with sweetener how empty all the juice into sanitised FV add 2 bottles of Lowicz (keep one for priming) add tea...
  13. Roddy

    Brewnight: Strawberry/Lime TC

    Evening all.. After my last attempt at this recipe and bring miffed that it didn't carb up nicely... I'm doing it again, exactly the same recipe but going to prime and bottle immediately after it gets down to SG 1.000. My theory for the last one I made that didn't carb was that I left it too...
  14. Roddy

    Brewnight: Red grape and Elderberry

    Evening all, so... a repeat of one I made last year that turned out alright The stuff 15L Lidl vitafit red grape juice 2 x 440ml Lowicz blackcurrant syrup 1L strong tea (5 bag) 3kg Tate & Lyle granulated sugar Youngs 500g dried elderberries Youngs 30g French oak chips 5tsp Youngs super wine...
  15. Roddy

    Dried Elderberries - how to prepare ?

    Afternoon all, I'm planning to put on a red wine based WOW tonight probably, and last time I made it using elderberries, I just tipped them in from the bag straight into the FV.... I was thinking today, should I be boiling them up first, to release the flavour better etc.... any...
  16. Roddy

    Brewnight: Strawberry and Lime TC

    Third time out for this bad boy... a winning recipe (in my book anyway) Stuff 16L tesco cheapo AJ (65p per litre) 3 x Lowicz Strawberry (1 for priming) Juice of 5 fresh limes 1L strong tea (5bag) stewed for 15mins 5tsp pectolase dissolved in a cup of warm water Sachet of cider yeast with...
  17. Roddy


    Fairly confident that this topic has been done to death... but to save me looking (😂) I forgot to put some in my last wow, that I've just cleared and am ready to bottle. I reckon I'll just bottle it and see if I notice any difference. But... Do most people add glycerin to their wows...
  18. Roddy

    Storage problem in the making ?

    Morning pop pickers 😎 I had a new front door put on last week so my previously ideal cool and dark storage area for wow and TC is now not so cool and has daylight coming in thanks to a properly fitting door (with a glazed section in it) Whilst ideal for keeping my hall bright and warm...
  19. Roddy

    Brewnight: Cherry TC and Easy Rose WOW with a twist

    Evening all Ingredients as below, method pretty much same as every other TC or WOW I've made recently 😎!AqD9OOcGhwessW61Jc7LDgIHhP5y!AqD9OOcGhwessXB5I4seUoHyY6x3 Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  20. Roddy

    In for a busy evening..

    Going to crank up 25L of TC and WOW tonight.... 😎 Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk