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  1. Coffin Dodger

    'The Bootleg Days' by CD

    My Dad started it all the day he came back from the 1955 Motor Show at Earl’s Court excitedly waving a piece of paper. ‘Look what I’ve been given’ he said, ‘a recipe for making beer at home!’ ‘I thought that was illegal’ said Mum. ‘Well it is really, but the chap who gave this to me said it’s...
  2. Coffin Dodger

    CD's final brew.

    All good things have to come to an end sometime, and as I am now finding that putting a brew through my 36 gallon plant is more of an ordeal than a pleasure, I have decided to call the beer we are brewing on Monday ‘Grand Finale’, and hang up my mash paddle for good when it is finished.
  3. Coffin Dodger

    Rye malt

    I see that St Austell Brewery have re-branded HSD - which officially stands for ‘Hick’s Special Draught’, but is universally known in Cornwall as ‘High Speed Diesel’ - as plain ‘Hicks’. Available from Tesco’s in bottle-conditioned form, it is a magnificent drink, and lists Rye as one of the...
  4. Coffin Dodger

    Explosive Mobile?

    My mobile phone looked a bit odd this afternoon, it seemed to be swelling. I showed it to my Grandson, who supplied it, and he said it could burst into flames or explode any minute, and put it out in the garden. As it had lived in my trouser pocket for years, that was rather worrying! Has...
  5. Coffin Dodger

    Titbits from my Brewery Log

    I thought this page from my Brewery Log might be of interest. August 1995. BAD NEWS. PLYMPTON BREWERY CLOSING. Allied Breweries decided to close this excellent small brewery after some 11 years. Idiots. Heard this when leaving tub for yeast. All 3 employees, Ian, Stefan & ? given 90 days...
  6. Coffin Dodger


    These are my hydrometers. The Mickey Mouse one designed for homebrewers has a range from 9 to 110 along a 75mm stem, and the three professional ones cover the ranges shown along 120mm stems. The bulb and stem diameters of the little one are 180mm and 66mm, and of the others 400mm and an...
  7. Coffin Dodger

    White Labs Yeast

    Can anybody tell me who supplies White Labs range of yeasts in the UK? I am particularly interested in their 037 Yorkshire Square yeast, has anyone tried it?
  8. Coffin Dodger

    Postman called on Sunday

    There is something strange going on, a Postman just delivered two packets to us. Not only is it Sunday, but its Bank Holiday as well. When asked why he was here, he replied ‘We have to keep up with the opposition’. Wonders never cease.
  9. Coffin Dodger

    Coffin Dodger's Brewday

    Brewed Gyle 310 yesterday, counting from my first all grain brew. 34 ½ gallons of Premium Bitter with an OG of 46, which I am calling ‘Double Celebration’, as it is my son and daughter-in-law’s Silver Wedding Anniversary and her 60th Birthday today. Only difference with this one is 204 gms...
  10. Coffin Dodger

    My Claim to Fame

    Claims to Fame. For those who don’t know, this was a running gag on ‘Wake Up to Wogan’, where people with strange names like Mick Sturbs, Norma Stitts, or Rudolph Hart, wrote in with their ‘Claim to Fame’ – like they once had their foot trodden on by Henry Cooper, or had once stood in the next...
  11. Coffin Dodger

    CO2 regulator

    Has anybody got one of these? If so, could you tell me what the bore of the outlet pipe tail is. (The hole in its middle, not the bore of the pipe that fits on it.) Thanks.
  12. Coffin Dodger

    Brewing Heritage

    The brewing industry has a great heritage that should be cherished, and it would be a shame if this was lost through indifference. For example, irrespective of what it is made from, the vessel in which wort is boiled and hops added is called a Copper, and in most breweries it will have the...
  13. Coffin Dodger

    CD's brew days.

    We brewed another 34 gallons of my favourite beer last Monday, which this time is called ‘Oral Vaccine’. (Two or more 568cc doses to be taken 30 minutes apart)! The photo of the copper, almost empty, shows how clear the wort is after the boil and whirlpool, which bodes well for the finished...
  14. Coffin Dodger

    CD's most recent brew

    The last time my grandson and I brewed was on November 23rd, and I thought some facts and figures for how it went might be of interest. With Christmas in mind I made slightly less than usual to hopefully make it a bit stronger, and used a tad more molasses and choc malt. ‘Festive Ale’. Grist...
  15. Coffin Dodger

    Missing member

    Does anybody know what has happened to Kelper? He used to contribute to this forum most days, but suddenly stopped on December 3rd last year.
  16. Coffin Dodger

    Slug Problems

    The Newt has been unfairly branded as the worst boozer among creatures. That dubious accolade must surely go to the slippery slimy slug. They love beer, and can somehow detect the slightest trace of it from a mile away, in much the same way that a dog can sense a bitch in season in the next...
  17. Coffin Dodger

    Carbon Dioxide usage.

    So how much carbon dioxide did you buy last year? I reckon I must have used almost all the contents of one S30 cylinder, so that’s about £7 spent per 90 gallons of beer brewed. Of course I only use bought CO2 to keep air away from my beer in part-used PBs, not to carbonate it.
  18. Coffin Dodger

    Beer themed Christmas Present

    I am very pleased with this Christmas present, which features a boozer sitting outside the chalet, who raises his Stein in company with the cuckoo’s call. Every house should have one!
  19. Coffin Dodger

    Glad Tidings

    Glad Tidings Ladies and Gentlemen – as from today the Sun is on its way back !
  20. Coffin Dodger

    White Shield Worthington.

    White Shield Worthington is a good drink, and used to be one of my Dad’s favourites. However it seems to have vanished from the scene. Does anybody know where it can still be obtained?