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  1. Brianbrewed

    Where is Strange-Steve?

    He hasn't, to my knowledge, been very active lately. Any idea where he is???
  2. Brianbrewed

    Ballymurphy Inquest: Anger over manner of PM apology

    Relatives of the Ballymurphy victims have spoken of their anger over a written apology from the prime minister. An inquest has found 10 people, who were shot in the wake of an Army operation in Belfast, were "entirely innocent". Families received the letter from Boris Johnson on Thursday...
  3. Brianbrewed

    Online Teaching resources

    I'm am involved in education for young people with support needs. Like everyone else I am working from home teaching online. Is there any other people involved in education that could reccommend strategies or programmes/software that are useful. Here are mine Edpuzzle | Make Any Video Your...
  4. Brianbrewed

    Brexit Song

    Irish perspective on Brexit
  5. Brianbrewed

    Brew Monk

    My beautiful wife treated me to this for Christmas It seems to be very similare/identical to the Klarstein/Ace system. Has anybody on the forum have any experience/advice regards this system?
  6. Brianbrewed

    Eco-Friendly Brewing

    Nice little article about a Trappist Brewery in the Netherlands
  7. Brianbrewed

    Lowicz Syrup in Beer

    Have just made a spice christmas ale that calls for adding cherry extract in secondary. Unfortunately cannot find cherry extract so was going to use the cherry syrup you find in polish shops. Has anybody any experience using this in a beer?
  8. Brianbrewed

    Safale S-04 is a monster

    I pitched 2 packs of rehydrated Safale S-04 into an American IPA with an OG 0f 1070 and it looks like it has chewed it down to 1012 already. The fermenter started bubbling with an hour of the yeast been pitched!
  9. Brianbrewed

    Cider taste from Lager

    Brewed a dortmunder export recipe a few months ago. The taste was fine from the fermenter but since it was bottled a strong cider/green apple taste sprung up. Any ideas how to prevent this in the future or how to remedy it. Used two packs of Bohemian lager yeast by the way.
  10. Brianbrewed

    Hi there

    Hi there, been homebrewing now for about 4 years or so on a BIAB system. By the way how do you change your username from your real name :)
  11. Brianbrewed

    Tinnned Fruit in Beer

    Hi Guys, was wondering was there any consensus on using tinned fruit in beer?