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  1. dcbrookes

    Good quality malt mill? - How much we need to spend to not get ripped off by poor quality products?

    I had a three roller mill from MM which worked well but was heavy to move and large to store. I now have the GF Electric mill and I love it: for my last brew I milled some Hook Head lager and Weyermann's carapils on the 5 setting, speed 4 and got 83% efficiency from my BZ. What's not to like...
  2. dcbrookes

    Corny keg cleaning

    I use the 23 litre Chinese Corny copies and the connects are very easy to unscrew, so I usually remove everything except the long dip tube and soak them in percarbonate while the rest gets 30 minutes or so on the keg washer, filled with more oxy. The long dip tube drops onto the screen of the...
  3. dcbrookes

    Hazelwood Brewday

    I have had back trouble for years and have now organised things so I don't have to lift anything heavy. It is one of the reasons why I will have no truck with cold crashing etc., - there is no way I am going to lift a 23 litre fermenter in and out of a fridge!
  4. dcbrookes

    Malt crush for Grainfather

    In the days when engines were easier to service, and more people did their own maintenance (me included) everyone knew how feeler gauges work!
  5. dcbrookes

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    I've just finished the last of four bottles I bought from Waitrose of Hall and Woodhouse (Badger) Fropical Ferret (yes, that's the correct spelling). Very nice, with strong hoppy notes (Citra?). I think it must be a new one as I don't recall seeing it before.
  6. dcbrookes

    Flip top bottles- polskie pivo

    When I lived in France these were available in every Brico, but I have never seen them for sale in the UK unfortunately
  7. dcbrookes

    What did you brew today?

    I recently bought a BZ as I am getting tired of carting a heavy mash tun to and from the garage, together with all the extra cleaning of a three vessel system. I tried it last week with the helical coil fitted using my adapter (shown in the "Blockages" thread). I got a fair bit of junk stuck on...
  8. dcbrookes

    Show us your cars.

    A Standard Eight! I had a Standard Ten, but it was not my first car by a long way.
  9. dcbrookes

    Sparging in an all in one system

    I do the same. When I was using the Brewmonk AIO I found lifting the malt pipe a real nightmare as I had the BM on a work surface in a conservatory with a lowish ceiling. Now I have gone back to using a separate mash tun I have found I can get better efficiency using a batch sparge that with my...
  10. dcbrookes

    Lager, NOT larger!

    A former colleague of mine had the full collection: "Let's run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it" "Let's chuck it on the floor and see if the cat licks it up" etc. I had to point out that our cat frequently chucks things on the floor and NEVER licks them up.
  11. dcbrookes

    Pub chain Wetherspoon reports record loss

    Schadenfreude time!
  12. dcbrookes

    Ispindel leaking!!

    I was not fermenting under pressure, and it was at 20C, but still it leaked!
  13. dcbrookes

    Ispindel leaking!!

    Mine leaked only slightly and blew the electronics. It has been binned and I shall not be buying another.
  14. dcbrookes

    Tips and tricks for plate chillers

    For my last two brews I have been using the helical coil filter from AliExpress on the pump inlet of my Brew Monk. I have been amazed at how little hop material there was in the plate chiller when flushed afterwards (i.e. no hint of green in the water coming out). I have used several immersion...
  15. dcbrookes

    CAMRA at it again

    There is a parallel with sparkling wines here. All the experts say that wine made using the Champagne method, which is naturally carboneted, is better than wine force carbonated in tanks, like Prosecco. The same may well be true of beer - with pressure fermenters so popular these days, why would...
  16. dcbrookes

    Brewzilla false bottom hack - securing the false bottom

    Have a look at the Blockages thread - that might help.
  17. dcbrookes

    Sodastream gas for serving

    No. I am not filling cylinders - the adapter I have connects a Sodastream cylinder to a standard regulator, and has its own shut off valve.
  18. dcbrookes

    Sodastream gas for serving

    CO2 Supermarket stuff is excellent. I have been using a Sodastream to standard regulator adapter from them for some time, and it is a really well made piece of kit.
  19. dcbrookes

    Butty Bach ESB

    Willie bach sounds like a rather unfortunate personal comment!
  20. dcbrookes


    As posted previously, I have been experimenting with the coil spring hop filter from AliExpress. I discarded the supplied Tee piece immediately, as it is too bulky. It would be fine if attached to the boiler tap, but, like some others, I want to use the coil as a filter on the pump inlet on my...