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  1. parpot

    Part Grain Brewing Kits

    I have only ever done LME kits and am looking to start the above. Could someone please explain the process and what additional kit I will need? Thanks in anticipation Jeff
  2. parpot

    Fermenting Wine in a Stainless Steel FV

    Can you do the above with out it affecting the taste?
  3. parpot

    Prosecco Type sparkling Wine

    Hi Guys, looking for recommendations on the above type of wine, not too dry though, prefer from a kit if possible.
  4. parpot

    Woodfordes Headcracker kit

    Does any one have one of these kits sat on the shelf that they would sell me? Muntons have stopped production of this kit and I am desperate?
  5. parpot

    Corny Keg Advice Please, New to Kegging

    My question is, I have had a corny in my fridge cold crashing which is now complete, can I take the corny out of the fridge for storage or must I leave it in, my Garage is about 18 degrees currently ?
  6. parpot

    Help with Kegged Wherry

    I brewed the Wherry about a month ago and when completed, bottled 6 x 500ml and kegged the rest into a Corny. This is the first time I have used a keg. It was completely sterilised and cleaned beforehand, I primed the keg with brewing sugar. I put the Corny back into the brew Fridge for just...
  7. parpot

    Brew Dog IPA

    Just Finished bottling this brew, Final ABV 7.4% after 35 days in the fermenter, Well what a great tasting VERY strong Double IPA. Almost completely clear on bottling so now in the Brew Fridge to condition. All this for less than £22.50 for 44 x 500ml bottles, although already tasted during...
  8. parpot

    New to packaging with Corny Kegs

    Just purchased two S/H Corny kegs and just asking If I need adjust them in anyway? My thinking is as they were used to serve soft drinks do I need to adjust the draw pipe to prevent sediment being picked up after the second fermentation?
  9. parpot

    Bull Dog Kits

    Hi, anyone done any of the Bull Dog kits. I have the Easter Chocolate Stout on the go at the moment which smells great, its a slow fermentation though its been going for 20 days now. I also started the Evil Dog Double IPA yesterday. Both these kits are over 3kg and seem to be very professional...
  10. parpot

    Advice for a Blonde Beer

    Hi all, I want to try and make a brew that I used to get in Scotland it is called "Lomond Gold" and is a blonde beer with honey & slight citrus notes it is about 5.2%. Can anyone suggest a beer kit as a base and what I can add to get close to this kind of taste?
  11. parpot

    First ever Home Kit Brew Directors

    Hi folks, I am totally new to the forum and home beer brewing, although I have made wine in the past. I have read a topic on Directors but still have further questions. The included instructions say that stage 1 will be between 4-6 days (but i had already decided to leave it for about 2 weeks)...
  12. parpot

    Brand new to brewing, experienced in drinking

    Hi everyone, yes at nearly 65 and an ex pub landlord of 5 years, I know a lot about cellars and beer drinking but very little about home brew. So I have started with a Muntons brew kit "Courage Directors". This is a favourite beer of mine so I wanted to brew something that I know the taste of...