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  1. RichardM

    North Brewing Sputnik

    Does anyone know what hops are used in North Brewing's Sputnik? I'm enjoying a can of it and would like to brew something similar.
  2. RichardM

    Malt Mill Motor

    Does anyone know of a UK supplier of these MaltMuncher MOTOR KIT - High Torque 1AMP PERMANENT MOUNT Motor For Your Roller Grain Mill - Hobby Homebrew or an equivalent?
  3. RichardM

    What Do you Think of My Stout Recipe

    I'm planning a stout to use up a variety of grains, hops and other odds and ends. What do you think of this? It will be a 20 litre batch 1047 SG, 32.7 IBU and 73 EBC My plan is to add the roasted barley for the last 15 minutes of the mash, 68c for 1 hour, mash out at 78, sparge and then boil...
  4. RichardM

    Chimay Red - Brew Classic European Beers at Home

    I've just bottled my Chimay Red from Graham Wheeler and Roger Protz's Brew Classic European Beers at Home. I had half a glass left over so had to sample it, it's delicious even before carbonation and conditioning. I have some Chimay Red on order, it'll be interesting to compare my home brew to...
  5. RichardM

    GW Brew Your Own British Real Ale Wadworth 6X

    In my copy of GW's BYO British Real Ale the recipe for 6X lists the malts as Pale Malt 3890 Black Malt 165 White Sugar 125 Black Malt 34 Those are grams for 23 litres. Can I assume the first Black Malt is a typo and should be Crystal? If so any ideas on colour for the Crystal?
  6. RichardM

    Stainless Steel Mini Kegs

    Has anyone had experience of these Minikeg single Stainless Steel Keg Until now I have been using Ghost Ship kegs from Tesco but after a few uses the beer develops a metallic taste, especially if it has been in the keg a month or two. These look to be the ideal solution, is there a catch?
  7. RichardM

    Brew Dog Hype

    Has anyone brewed Hype from DIY Dog? I assume that the hop quantities need to be multiplied by 10. This is the recipe DIY Dog Hype
  8. RichardM

    DIY Bottle Filler

    Have any of you made anything like this ?
  9. RichardM

    Punk IPA DIY Dog Recipe Pack

    I've just bottled my brew from a Punk IPA DIY Dog Recipe Pack from Brew UK. It was part financed by a gift card that I had for my birthday, I wouldn't usually spend that much on one brew and have never brewed a beer with 6 different hops before. I was a little down on both OG and final bottling...