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  1. Coffin Dodger

    Engineer or Ingeniator?

    I’m thinking of changing my Forum name to The Ingeniator who Used to Brew. Male contributors over a certain age may be interested in one of my fairly recent creations called ‘Doctor Smallpiece’s Patent Trouser Protector’. The Deluxe version is illustrated below.
  2. Coffin Dodger

    Show us your cars.

    There is a nice picture of my first car - an Austin 7 - on the thread 'Do you remember' which was running last April.
  3. Coffin Dodger

    Pump recommendation

    I seem to remember being told that the motor driving my Stuart Turner pump is series wound. I found a gadget in a second-hand shop that controls its speed perfectly, which I was told is a rotary transformer.
  4. Coffin Dodger

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Two pints of ‘Grand Finale’ – aka CD’s Final Brew. It is my clone of the beer whose glass I’m drinking it from, and IMHO exceeds the bottled variety already. :beer1:
  5. Coffin Dodger

    CD's final brew.

    There it is then, just 8 days after brewing! It will improve . . .
  6. Coffin Dodger

    CD's final brew.

    It’s A Wrap - as they say in film circles. CD’s final brew was racked into 7 PBs yesterday, one week after brewing, and I shall have a sip this evening. It wasn’t all plain sailing, I got a low yield for some reason, and wound up with only 27 gallons instead of the expected 30+. My pal at the...
  7. Coffin Dodger

    'The Bootleg Days' by CD

    You obviously know all about spud bashing then. Girls in your rooms – they couldn’t have been putting enough Bromide in your tea!
  8. Coffin Dodger

    'The Bootleg Days' by CD

    Another two trips around the sun, and I was living the life of O’Reilly in the five star accommodation of the Officers Mess at R.A.F. College, Cranwell. The Air Ministry, in its wisdom, had selected me to teach Thermodynamics to the cadets, a subject they weren’t interested in and that I had...
  9. Coffin Dodger

    'The Bootleg Days' by CD

    It was your suggestion that made me think of recycling something I wrote 10 years ago - when I still had a few brain cells functioning! So you had to suffer a spoonful of malt extract every morning did you. I much preferred Virol.
  10. Coffin Dodger

    'The Bootleg Days' by CD

    My Dad started it all the day he came back from the 1955 Motor Show at Earl’s Court excitedly waving a piece of paper. ‘Look what I’ve been given’ he said, ‘a recipe for making beer at home!’ ‘I thought that was illegal’ said Mum. ‘Well it is really, but the chap who gave this to me said it’s...
  11. Coffin Dodger

    CD's final brew.

    As requested, a few pictures of my final brew, showing in order: 1. Checking quantity and temperature of liquor in mash tun, which needs to be 16 ½ gallons and 162F (72C). 2 & 3. Head and assistant brewers mashing in. (He stirs, I shake the dustbin/grist hopper). 4. Hanging up my mash paddle...
  12. Coffin Dodger

    CD's final brew.

    I wish, but in fact if I manage to keep dodging until next June, I’ve got a date with two fat ladies !
  13. Coffin Dodger

    CD's final brew.

    Right, we’ve got the mash done, so time for a few quick answers. No, I’m not going to start drinking Carlsberg, I’m working on a plan to leave the four 3 gallon PBs I own, and which are built to last, with my friendly Brewer, so he can fill them up as required. My grandson / assistant brewer...
  14. Coffin Dodger

    CD's final brew.

    All good things have to come to an end sometime, and as I am now finding that putting a brew through my 36 gallon plant is more of an ordeal than a pleasure, I have decided to call the beer we are brewing on Monday ‘Grand Finale’, and hang up my mash paddle for good when it is finished.
  15. Coffin Dodger

    Covid the jab and the final stage.

    I suppose that it’s only natural that being the oldest contributor to this forum made me one of the first to get a booster jab last Thursday. Booked on line, the nearest vaccination centre was over 10 miles away, so I chose a time and turned up at Plymouth Albion Rugby ground to find a queue...
  16. Coffin Dodger

    CAMRA at it again

    CAMRA bashing may be all the rage these days, but we shouldn’t forget that in the early seventies (when I joined) they were responsible for enlightening people on the different methods of beer dispense, and at a time when breweries kept the strength of their beers a secret, getting their OG’s –...
  17. Coffin Dodger

    Has anybody already started to have problems with CO2 supply or price hikes

    Of course if you collect the CO2 being produced during fermentation in a foil balloon (preferably with a picture of Noddy on it), then let it return into the PB to replace the volume of beer as you draw it off, you rarely need to buy any gas at all. I probably purchase one S30 cylinder a year. 😇
  18. Coffin Dodger

    Pressure Barrels - More than you wanted to know!

    Model Aircraft and Home Brewing make perfect bedfellows!
  19. Coffin Dodger

    Covid the jab and the final stage.

    That would mean I was due for a booster on July 5th.