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  1. DavieC

    Not as many Apples on my tree

    Hi all, had a look at my apple tree yesterday in readiness for Cider making but definitely not as many Apples to go at this year, also went to look at some of the other trees I can forage off and apples seem sparse on those as well, is it just my area or has anyone else noticed this?
  2. DavieC

    Frozen Blackberry wine

    Hi all, After picking blackberries one afternoon last year I simply sealed them into bags and stuck them in the freezer. Yesterday I finally got around to using them to make some wine but am now wondering how this will turn out. I placed the frozen berries(2kg+100g of frozen blackcurrants) into...
  3. DavieC

    Better Brew Czech pilsner

    Started this kit last night , not done one of this brand before but the 2.1kg of pre hopped malt comes in a handy easy to use pouch with a screw cap fastened to it, an impressive 10g satchet of yeast(ale yeast). I added 500g Light DME and 500g table sugar, I've started using water straight from...
  4. DavieC

    Plastic stoppers for champagne bottles

    Hi folks, I made some Elderflower Champagne last summer and bottled with 10g of sugar in 750ml Prosecco bottles and used plastic stoppers and cages.The ones we drank in the late summer were great with a lively pop of the 'cork' and great fizz in the drink. The two bottles I opened on NewYears...
  5. DavieC

    Steve Priest, The Sweet.

    Died last week, great bassist,
  6. DavieC

    Wilko Winter Ale

    I bottled this beer 18 days ago but after letting it carbonate for 2 weeks couldn't wait any longer for a taste,so after a few days in the cold garage I just had to sample one. Dark plum in colour ,the spice aroma which was strong at bottling has now mostly receeded, leaving just a hint of...
  7. DavieC

    Price of things in 1971?

    Saw this in a pub yesterday, it would be great if things still cost the same as 1971.
  8. DavieC


    Wherry on offer at wilkos £15. Bargain
  9. DavieC

    Glastonbury got me thinking...

    Morning all, its Glastonbury music festival weekend and its got my mind casting back to a time about 20 years ago when I got an inkling that I fancied myself as a David Coverdale,Paul Rodgers type singer and so joined a rock and blues covers band as frontman,lead vocalist and general lugger of...
  10. DavieC

    6 June 1944

    Lest we forget.
  11. DavieC

    Wilko mexican cerveza

    Ive just sampled my cerveza which was a Christmas gift and am well pleased with the result. Brewed short to 21 ltrs with 500g light dme and 275g brewing sugar.I swtched the yeast for wilko 11g gervin english ale yeast, og 1035,[email protected]'c, fermented 20/22'c,dry hopped after 14 days with 50g...
  12. DavieC

    Fly in the ointment!,(cider actually)

    I made a couple of batches of cider last year ,one batch I bottled after fermentation, the other I left in a demijohn with airlock and stuck it away in the garage over winter, my idea was to see if the taste improved by being left to 'mature'.Today I thought I'd have a look at the cider in the...
  13. DavieC

    Mouldy fruit press

    Hi folks, I went into the shed the other day sorting gardening equipment out and discovered tgat my 12ltr fruit press that was put away clean after making cider last year is quite mouldy.Its a typical wooden cage/barrel type sold on ebay etc.Any advice on the best way to clean it?,ta
  14. DavieC

    Brew buddy lager still fermenting after 22 days

    Hi folks, started this kit on 6 Nov, however, I must tell you this kit is 6 years out of date,however the can was excellent and the LME on opening smelt delicious,although it looked more like guiness than lager. I bought some 'saflager s23' yeast,knocked it up with 500g spray malt and 500g...
  15. DavieC

    Campden tablet before bottling?

    Hi all,I'm new to homebrewing and am currently brewing some cider(10 ltrs) using juice from apples from my tree in our garden.I am trying to avoid using a Campden tablet if possible.Cider has fermented in primary using cider yeast from local brew shop,yeast nutrient and pectolase.I racked into...