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  1. labrewski

    Over did it with bittering hops

    As the title says I have a keg that just too bitter I tried adding syrups to pint glass first but no good I tried a dash of water it's OK not too bitter but lacks flavour any little tips or tricks out there please
  2. labrewski

    Fast fermenting yeast not kveik!

    Any body recommend a fast yeast I've been using safale us 05 and West Coast but they tend to take 3 weeks at 22 degrees my ambient temp in brew space just looking for maybe a 2 week turnaround
  3. labrewski

    Temp control

    As we head into the winter time I'm thinking on stability for temps I'm currently using a press in my hall but it has some central heating pipes running up the wall I've not had any problems before fermenting there but I think it's my next step in progressing in brewing How can I develop this...
  4. labrewski

    Completely wrong dry hop

    As title said thought I knew what I was doing Had a brew with apollo,simcoe, mosaic, chinook aiming for a certain flavour Then I messed up and threw admiral and first gold in for a dry hop was doing a kinda double smash with admiral and first gold as profiles seem to match each other Right...
  5. labrewski

    Awful flavour

    2nd batch in a couple of weeks now with a terrible flavour Had one a few weeks ago but the beer looked milky so put it down to infection but this one looks perfect but just tastes awful is there any ideas out there that any one tried and made it drinkable I'm thinking hop oils or fruit juice...
  6. labrewski

    Recipe not followed

    Is there any one else out there like me lol I have never followed a recipe since my 2nd ag brew my first was a made up kit to get the feel of it But since then I look and say yep I'm making that and only at last minute say no way I'm doing thus that and God knows what else
  7. labrewski


    Any one have a solid hop to use for a smash One u would definitely do again or maybe one that surprises you with distinct flavour
  8. labrewski

    Help needed please

    So done my first cold crash with a hoppy beer after 10 hr everything seems to have dropped down went to transfer to keg and zero flow Must be clogged any tips please I'm stumped tried putting in a big spoon but no luck
  9. labrewski

    Recommend me please

    I have 100g cascade 100g mosaic 100g perle 100g pacific jade Any one got a handy recipe or a basic idea to use these please
  10. labrewski

    Ruined batch

    Heart broken I have to dump a full keg I done everything I normally do obviously I missed something It looked milky going into keg but thought it would settle itself Smells OK but taste is awful has that strong medicine taste I think any ideas why it's so bad
  11. labrewski

    If only one malt

    If u only had one malt to use what would it be for all the pale ale and ipa heads
  12. labrewski

    Dry hopping in keg

    As the title says going to give this a shot to see if u can get that fresh hop whack in my pints any info on this was thinking of a split 10 litre in each keg one as is and one with maybe 50 to 75 g hop
  13. labrewski

    No covid jab

    Hi all was talking to people in work today both around the 40 year old mark And told theres not a chance in hell they will take the vaccination Just wondering is there many more like this I have it and I'm happy I got it
  14. labrewski

    DIY help

    Going to paint my pebble dash walls at the weekend Got a loan of a Wagner sprayer anyone got any tips to help spred up the process please
  15. labrewski

    Is this too fine

    On my 2nd sack of grain so I'm not too sure Had a few hassle free brews from first 25 kg bag opened another today but wort wont drain through is it milled to fine maybe If that's the problem is there any tips out there to help please
  16. labrewski

    Smash session

    Would 3.5 k of malt do for session ale Would be using an all in one system with 26 litres of water no sparge hoping to end up with 20 litres in the end hoping for it to be around 4.5 abv I cant figure out software I tried
  17. labrewski

    NO dry hop

    Going to attempt a beer with no dry hop is it going to be a disaster 15g simcoe 60 min 15g galaxy 60 min 20 g of each 30 min 30 g of each 5 min Any ideas
  18. labrewski

    Hop additions

    Would anyone be willing to give a list of the meanings of hop additions if there is any 60 min is for bittering Flameout is for flavours aroma maybe But what about 45 ,30, 15 min left in boil do they have a purpose
  19. labrewski

    Kegerator help

    Currently going to tidy up my lines and have the ability to carbonate 2 kegs but where is best place to put manifold and how I'm thinking tec7 or glue or first a piece of timber then the piece also is the nut on left hand side any use if I put it flush to the side will it hamper me
  20. labrewski

    Smash kings

    I love the sound of smash beers something I tried when doing extract When going ag I think I got carried away adding everything thing I could so next couple of brews will be singles Anyone ever do one that stood out I remember comet and Columbus being good