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  1. Barley Rubble

    Shocker! Tesco Change Their Mineral Water

    Went into my local Tesco Supermarket today, to stock up on mineral water for my brews. Now I have always known their own brand mineral water as Tesco Ashbeck English Natural Mineral Water. I always buy the six x 2 litre packs as they are slightly better value than the larger 5 litre bottles...
  2. Barley Rubble

    Anyone recommend a wine bottle corker

    As it says, can anyone recommend a wine bottle corker? I am looking at a price range of £20 to £25. Are the three lever models that much better than the two lever. I have never used either so don't know. Any advice gratefully received.
  3. Barley Rubble

    Wilko Half Price Beer Kits!

    Popped into my local Wilko this morning (as you do) as I was out shopping with my 90 year young MIL. I wandered over to the home brew section as she was perusing ladies smellies and household odds and sods. Anyway I picked up a single can of Geordie Scottish Export and noticed on the base of...
  4. Barley Rubble

    Wherry Kit 3 years past its sell by date!

    Whilst sorting out the cupboard under the stairs, I came across a Woodfordes Wherry Kit which if I remember correctly, my daughter bought me as a birthday present, way back in 2015! This is before I got seriously into homebrew, since May 2020. The sell by date is January 2017, and is as you are...
  5. Barley Rubble

    WOW RGJ, AJ & Cranberry

    Been busy in the Rubble household today! Having already brewed 23 litres of Bad Cat, 8 litres of Pineapple TC today, and now..... Just made 9 litres of WOW in 2 DJ's as follows; In each of the DJ's; 1 x 1 litre of Asda RGJ pure pressed 100% never from concentrate 160g sugar. 1 x 1.5 litre of...
  6. Barley Rubble

    Pineapple TC

    Knocked this up this afternoon; 2 x 1 litre Tesco Pineapple Juice 100% from concentrate. 2 x 1 litre Sainsburys Apple and Pear Juice 75%/25% not from concentrate. 4 x 1 litre Tesco Apple Juice 100% from concentrate. 3 x green tea bags and 8 x Canderel Sweetener in a mug of boiled water allowed...
  7. Barley Rubble

    TC Dark Fruits

    I brewed this one yesterday evening, ingredients as follows; 12 x 1.35 litre Copella AJ/Blackberry (90/10). 1 x 1.35 litre Copella AJ/Elderflower (99/1). 3 x 1 litre Growers Harvest (Tesco) AJ from concentrate. 2 x 1 litre Belvoir Blackcurrant Cordial (50% juice). 1 x 2 litre forest fruit...
  8. Barley Rubble

    WOW Peach and Pear Juice

    Brewed this today as follows in a 5 litre DJ; 3 x 1 litre Granini Peach Juice (50%). 1 x 1 litre Granini William Pear Juice (50%). 500ml White Grape Juice from LIDL tinned peaches. 1 x cup black tea (3 bags). 1 x tsp. Youngs Pectolase. 1 x tsp. Youngs Super Yeast. 1 x tsp. Youngs Yeast Nutrient...
  9. Barley Rubble

    TC Apple Raspberry and Mango

    Brewed this one up today and ingredients as follows; 9 x 1 litre Tesco Apple and Raspberry Juice 90/10%. 2 x 1.75 litre Sainsburys Apple and Mango Juice 85/15%. 2 x 1 litre Sainsburys Apple and Mango Juice 85/15%. 4 x 1 litre Sainsburys Mango Juice Drink 19% mango puree. 1 x 1 400 ml. bottle of...
  10. Barley Rubble

    Its Gonna Be A Scorcher On Friday

    They (the weather people) are talking of 32c to 33c in the southeast on Friday! I have a few brews on the go, wine , beer and TC and trying to keep them at a steady temperature. Only have one beer fridge, so it could be a struggle to maintain a steady fermentation temperature. Generally my...
  11. Barley Rubble

    TC Apple and Pear

    Been busy today and knocked up this cider in a gallon DJ which was sitting around idle. 2 x 1 litre Sainsburys Apple and Pear Juice 100%. 2 x 80g sugar. 1 x 1 litre Sainsburys Apple Juice from concentrate. 1 x 92g sugar. 1 x 1 litre Granini Williams Pear Juice 50%. 1 x 118g sugar. 1 x cup of...
  12. Barley Rubble

    TC Forest Fruits

    Made the following turbo cider today; 20 x 1 litre Sainsburys Apple Juice from concentrate. 2 x 1.35 litre Copella Apple Juice and Blackberry 100% Juice. 1 x 400ml Lowicz Strawberry Syrup. 1 x 400ml Lowicz Raspberry Syrup. 1 x kilo Tesco Strawberry, Rasberry, Blackberry frozen fruit boiled in...
  13. Barley Rubble

    Recipe: Scrumpy Cider From Book "Brewing" by Jack Thompson

    On page 39. This recipe makes a strong, dry cider. Ingredients: 3.6 kg apples, skin on. 10 litres water. 28g root ginger. juice of 4 lemons. 1 kg white sugar. Mature for: 2 months. Drink within: 1 year. Note - Do not use use any metallic utensils. This is followed by 7 short paragraphs of...
  14. Barley Rubble

    TC Strawberry and Lime

    I have just brewed this up today. Following Roddy's recipe but with a few changes. 20 x litres Sainsburys AJ from concentrate. 2 x 400 ml Strawberry Lowicz. Plus 1 for priming. 3 altogether. 6 x fresh limes quartered and boiled in 250 ml Tesco Double Strength Lime Drink (no added sugar) and...
  15. Barley Rubble

    Which yeast for a kit lager?

    I have read many threads regarding the yeast subject on this forum about ale yeast being supplied with standard lager kits such as Cooper's Australian, European, 86 day pilsner, etc., Geordie Lager, MYO Lager and all the other single can lager kits that are on the market, and they mostly tend to...
  16. Barley Rubble

    Some sellers taking the mickey with prices

    I was just browsing eBay (as you do on a Saturday night) and couldn't believe what a seller was trying to charge for a Woodfordes Admirals Reserve Kit. Wait for it.......drum roll please....... £65.30!!!!!! Woodfordes Admirals Reserve Real Ale Home Brew Kit | eBay You can get the same exact...
  17. Barley Rubble

    Convert Plain 25 Litre FV Lid to Airlock and Grommet

    I am considering converting one or possibly two of my three plastic 25 litre FV's from plain solid lids to airlocks and grommets. Can I confirm that 13 mm is the correct drill size to use to the standard grommet and airlock? Secondly, does it matter where the hole is drilled? centre or towards...
  18. Barley Rubble

    Lid of FV buckling under fermentation

    The three 25 litre buckets I got to start my beer brewing adventure have the sealed type lids, i.e. no hole for airlocks. When I started the process of fermentation, after two days, the lids started to buckle as the gas had no where to escape. I rang a home brew shop and was told not to seal...
  19. Barley Rubble

    King Keg Barrel Upper or Lower Tap?

    Is there any preference between either the upper tap or lower tap on the King Keg Pressure Barrels? Which one is best or are they basically as good as one another?
  20. Barley Rubble

    Newbie Home Brewer

    Hi everyone. I am a newbie to the home brewing game and I have already brewed one each of the following Woodforde's kits; Wherry, Admirals Reserve and Bure Gold. I managed to purchase some second hand equipment locally through eBay, 3 x 25 litre fermentation bins, 2 x siphon tubes, 2 x stirring...