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    Hops group buy

    Hi many of you have done this in the past with me. Long and the short of it is I'm planning to buy as few 5kg sacks of hops and split them up into 250g vac sealed bags (this is nominal 250 actually 225but there's often a bit of shrinkage and it helps keep postage under whole postage rates. Now...
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    Post Corona beer swap.

    So, I don't know what the consensus view on this is, but I figured a lot of people are going to be bored and brewing and a bit isolated, so doing some lockdown beer swaps might be a fun diversion. Daft titles or prohibition style kitchen sink recipes. However I realise that depending on...
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    Bulk hops.

    Hi, some of you might have done this with me before, but basically im looking to buy a bunch of bulk hops and sell on what I don't need at basically cost price, but last time I got in trouble as I had already got them so it wasn't technically a group buy. So this time I thought I'd give...
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    TheHomebrewcompany AITA?

    Ordered some yeast and bits online and it took the best part of a week to arrive, turns out to be a month out of date, spoiling my brewday. I contact them and they offer me a thirty percent refund!. I mean, it's one of the biggest brew companies in the British isles for crust sakes... Am I...
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    politically incorrect on the subject of politically correct society,i thought it interesting to see the systemic political bias of society. one could argue that in a hyper capitalist consumerist world all...
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    Anyone fancy some swappery? I have a nice wild blaeberry and raspberry kettle sour wit thing. A kitchen sink porter x2 A funky old barley wine An 18 months old funky Brett lambicish brown thing. Pretty great, if you like slightly sour, sour cherry and horse leather type flavours. (I'd want...
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    North sea bridges beer Collab review

    Being a big fan of fyne Ales I stopped in at the brewery the other day and picked up a multi pack of collaborations between Scottish and Scandinavian breweries that sounded interesting. Unfortunately beer after beer...
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    mayk britan grate agen.

    well well well. so post brexit Britain is showing its true colours. all the American hops I put up for sale here got snapped up in a heartbeat, yet the good solid reliable patriotic East kentish goldings are still amassed in the corner like a bunch of dejected faranges at a womad music...
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    2017 ekg citra and Simcoe pellets going.

    hi. I've kind of posted elsewhere but just to help me clarify who wants what, I've got some bulk hops in again, the excess of which I'm listing on eBay for a small profit, but whomever wants in on the first shipping gets them cheap, basically for 500g ekg £12 posted. citra 17 Simcoe 18. will be...
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    the refinement of decline

    so, tired of producing delicious beer, I've decided to abandon good practice entirely in my last batch and see what happens. so, instead of filtering everything and airating well with a nice big starter I just chucked everything into the fermenter (40ltr)and added two smack packs (London iii)...
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    2017 EKG pellets

    hi all. decided to get a load of delicious east Kent goldings pellets I'll be selling the excess of. £12 for 500g posted if anyone is interested
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    pros and cons.

    so there are worse places to brew than the banks of lock awe. but the bastart midges push the endurance... running laps of the garden before going in to get them off my tail.
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    cheap job lot hops UK?

    hi thinking of getting some bulk hops in. American centennial or Amarillo I think. can vacuum seal and deliver for cost if anyone is interested in taking some of my hands. probably about 25 per kg delivered
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    is this thing on?

    hello there.. word from Scotland. we seem underrepresented.. anybody brewing in North Argyll?