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  1. Hoddy

    Just incase anyone still thought brewdog were craft and independent

    Just sign a deal for joint distribution with one of the biggest beer corps going. And we all know how the “distribution” will work by squeezing out...
  2. Hoddy

    Brew off 2021 returns

    The next instalment of the 4 way brew off series has been agreed. @Leon103 @dan125 @dave_77 and myself @Hoddy will be entering into the next round of the brew off series independently judged by @beerison The next round is simply “uk hops” that’s it. No style restrictions or ABV to follow...
  3. Hoddy

    Bellville Brewing Stolen Kegs

    The good people at Belleville brewing have had a load of nearly new kegs stolen. Most likely by people looking to “upcycle” them and sell them on. These are valuable items owned by a microbrewery who can ill afford that kinda loss at these times. If you see these being sold anywhere please I...
  4. Hoddy

    Microbrewery Crowdfunding

    I have been overwhelmed by the amazing response from the home brewing community and craft beer drinkers in the community who have got behind us and pledged to help make our community focused brewery and tap room become a reality. There is only have 2 weeks of our crowd funding left but there is...
  5. Hoddy

    Petition against the Small Brewers Relief reduction

    Reverse the change to Small Brewers Relief. The Treasury has announced changes to Small Brewers Relief (SBR) – the progressive tax system that has revolutionised UK brewing. These changes will reduce the 50% duty threshold from 5,000hl to 2,100hl: small breweries will have to pay more duty...
  6. Hoddy

    What have you been doing with your lock down time?

    So what have you been doing with your lock down time? Have you just been brewing? Or have you started that DIY task youve put off for ages? Or have you been learning a new language or instrument? I started building myself a cold frame using old materials I had. I’ve gone full apocalypse prep...
  7. Hoddy

    Mass home brew forum video call Pub(s) Saturday 4th April

    Following on from the advent of a total lock down and the rise of video call technology (plus the suggestion of a few forumites) I thought we should set up a thread where on this Saturday night the 4th from 8pm onwards where people can post links to Zoom, Skype, Teams, or any other conference...
  8. Hoddy

    Has the Forum Traffic & visitors increased??

    Given the increase (drastic increase) in orders from the main online HB shops (THBS received a months worth of orders on a single Friday night after the instruction to close pubs was issued) do we think this forum has seen a big increase in visitors and traffic due to pub closures and people...
  9. Hoddy

    Wetherspoons Leader Does it Again

    In the news today that the chief No1 Gammon Tim Martin (owner of "spoons" fame) is now not going to be paying his staff for the time the pubs are shut, cant say if they will claim any money from the government for furlowed worker scheme. And now he says "you better get a job in Tesco". I knew...
  10. Hoddy

    Who’s into their hot and cold smoking?

    I’ve been getting into hot and cold smoking food over the last year and I’ve just invested in my own hot smoker that also doubles as a cold smoker so I’ve got more capacity to cold smoke bacon and salmon at Christmas. I’ve plumped for the Pro Q Ranger Elite. The smallest one in the range but...
  11. Hoddy

    Wet to dry yeast alternative chart

    Hey all, so the question is. Do we know of, or have a reliable source of where we know when a wet yeast has a direct and relatable dry alternative. i.e WLP001 has a dry equivalent of Safale US05. And so on. but what about the wet yeast Wyeast London Ale III what is the dry alternative...
  12. Hoddy

    Anyone picked up any of the latest Tesco craft beers?

    So with the official release day today I managed to pick up the cloudwater/Brwdog collab. The large Hazy Jane Can. The Magic rock west coast IPA. The magic roach surreal stout and the mothership IPA and the Brut IPA. first up is this by cloudwater and Brew dog. Initial impressions are good...
  13. Hoddy

    Clusterfugget - yup you read that correctly!!!!

    Check it out!! Anyone else think of some amusing hop combos that could be made with existing hop names?
  14. Hoddy

    Saison yeast officiando's

    I was wondering if anyone on here has tried the CML saison yeast yet and if so what liquid yeast from the usual suspects of whitelabs, wyeast et all you would compare it to? Or if not all is it any good? Is it a Belgian type clove strain or is a more french style strain? All input gratefully...
  15. Hoddy

    Pin cask

    I’m looking to get hold of a pin sized cask for some brewing recipe experiments. I’m in the SE so appreciate anyone that has any knowledge of where I might source one as cheaply as possible.
  16. Hoddy

    Petersfield Beer Festival next weekend!!

    hey there all, Just a quick plug and also mention that I’m going along to the Friday evening session (to get first dibs on the many many beers on cask and keg) so I encourage anyone that’s within train and driving distance to come along to the beer festival. Great beer, good music and also...
  17. Hoddy

    RIP Jim Payne - aka The old Farts brewery YouTube

    just saw that Jim Payne from the old farts brewery YouTube channel past away a week ago. Good guy. No kit and no idea, to home made kit and an idea. I wondered why I hadn’t seen any videos for a few months. RIP
  18. Hoddy

    Latest update on the Fermentasaurus V2

    I have picked this up from the Fermentasaurus Facebook page (as much as I detest FB) there is the reasonable update on what's going on. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fermentasaurus/FermZilla I love Fermentasaurus and this is why I started this group, a group that has reached almost 1300 members! The main...
  19. Hoddy

    Fullers sell beer business to ashahi

    well this was totally unexpected! Fuller's sells London Pride beer business to Asahi
  20. Hoddy

    Braumeister on ebay - open to offers???

    I saw this has come on eBay. Seller is emigrating so will be looking to get rid of the BM as he cant take it with him. Looks nearly new, might be able to pick up a bargain with a cheeky offer of cash and pickup...