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  1. venkman100

    Brewdog book. Craft beer for the people. 50p

    My son found this in Sainsburys yesterday. £20, reduced to 50p. Quite a good read. Beer and food recipes.... Might be worth a look in your Sainsburys in case they have it.
  2. venkman100

    Disappearing thread?

    Now a post of mine has vanished. I may be wrong but I can find no trace. It was regarding poor service from an online business. One where customers have had issues in the past, and I am now having similar problems. The content of my post was truthful. I have no reason to be otherwise. I was not...
  3. venkman100

    Wanted Please. Corney Kegs & advice. Nottingham

    Hi all. I am in Nottingham and I am seriously interested in getting a couple of Corney Kegs plus all associated kit. I met the brewer from a local brewery who said I would be able to pick them up second hand for about £40 to £45. Cannot see them anywhere at this price. Looking for any advice or...
  4. venkman100

    venkman100's Brewdays

    Well a week ago today I christened my Robobrew. Greg Hughes American IPA. My other choice was his London Bitter. That may have been the better choice as the IPA had a lot of grain for a first brew but it went ok ish and the mash went ok with good wort circulation but feel a recipe with a...
  5. venkman100


    Was looking to do my first proper brew with my brand new Robobrew today but life got in the way, so delayed to Sunday or Monday, but that's ok... Watched lots of videos and relatively happy about the process. One thing bothering me is the trub after the boil. Some people say this should not go...
  6. venkman100

    Had a go at "Simple AG Recipe"

    ] Having read the simple AG recipe thread. I thought lets have a go. I thought I would take lots of photo's to share but when you get involved it is so easy to forget so there are sadly very few. 1kg pale malt, 5g Cascade at the start of the boil, 10g at the end with quarter tablet of protafloc...
  7. venkman100

    Hi from Nottingham.

    Hi all. I have home brewed for many years. Just had a break for about 5 years. Decided to start again. Been making beer kits in the past, this time going for full mash. Recently retired so now I have more time. Had a look at the recipe pages and some look a little advanced for me at the moment...