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  1. NicB

    Sweetening 19ltr Cider Corney

    In the next week or so I'll be transferring 19ltr of Cider to a spare Corney. As mentioned elsewhere I'm a beer man and only brewing this out of date Cider kit because it was given to me for free. I'm brewing it with fresh yeast and 1kg sugar. Additional to the can instructions I've also added...
  2. NicB

    Beer taps choosing

    I'm going to upgrade from the ubiquitous starter plastic 'party deluxe' trigger type to a more substantial 'maybe' fixed metal type. The current plastic Trigger Party deluxe gun/tap I've been using has about 3 or 4 metres of 3/16" pipe to limit foaming. What do I need to know before buying...
  3. NicB

    O-rings sizes 19 Ltr Cornelius kegs

    Hi Is there a sticky here? Has anyone the sizes (specifications) for the three different o-rings on 19Ltr Corny kegs please? POST x2 TOP SEAL x1 DIP TUBE X2 Full sets are available but I'm going through dip tube seals fastest. Thanks in anticipation. N¡ck
  4. NicB

    <£5 Corny contents gauge

    (a) Get hold of a mechanical bathroom weighing scale. (2nd hand or from the junk in the garage). (b) Stand empty Corny onto scale. (c) Zero the scales. (d) Fill the Corny with beer. (e) When ready drink the beer. (f) When scale reads zero all the beer is gone!😣 (x) modification .... take the...
  5. NicB

    Sloe gin fortified beer

    I enjoy an occasional sloe gin. I picked up a sloe and elderflower gin by mistake and it's not really to my taste. So I've got about 40cl to dispose of. I was thinking of popping it into a future 20ltrs brew during keging. Any suggestions as to what beer to add it to. I'm not a fan of stouts and...
  6. NicB

    Co2 & other gas choices.

    I've got myself at long last 6.35kg of Co2 food quality gas. I had a bit of trouble with the supplier and needed to call Adams gas direct who sorted it/them out for me. Whilst on the phone to Adams gas, a manager started to explain to me that the pub trade now have a choice of at least three...
  7. NicB

    Temporary reversal of Corny posts

    I'm just about ready to transfer a brew to a Corny. Would this worK if not why not? Initial gassing in through the outlet post bubbling Co2 down the internal long tube through the beer. Connect beer tap to the gas post (short tube). Open tap to purge the top of the Corny. Leave beer to...
  8. NicB

    Commercial Corny cleaning.

    Anyone know how commercial beverage suppliers go about cleaning and sanitising Corny kegs before refill. I can't imagine they reach inside and manually scrub and shake Etc. I guess the lids are soaked whilst the the kegs are worked on. Is steam used? High pressure jetting maybe? N¡ck
  9. NicB

    Co2 cost ££

    I phoned two suppliers in South Wales today and was quoted for a 6.35kg cylinder:- (a) £55 deposit then £20/ refill both + vat (b) £75 deposit then £15/ refill both + vat How do these prices compare where you live? I'll phone around again on Monday for better quotes. N¡ck
  10. NicB

    Real Ale (non carbonated) method

    If I decant fully fermented beer into a second fermenter (one with a tap neat the bottom). Then in the head space puff carbon dioxide (which is HEAVIER than air) Fit a sealed lid with a bubble trap filled with strong solution of sanitiser. The CO2 blanket should remain intact and move down as...
  11. NicB

    Out of date Cider kit

    Hi, I'm a beer man so I've no experience of Cider kits. Yesterday I was given an intact "Brewmaker Cider de Luxe 40 pint kit" Best before August 2016 I'm of an age where "Best before lables" are of little interest. I was brought up before fridges in normal people's houses existed. Any opinions...