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    Equipment For Sale Coopers fermenter, PET bottles, Fastrack. South London.

    Hi all House move next week prompts a fast clearout of large but low value items. I'm putting these on a local forum, but thought I'd offer them here as well, since I got so much help and advice from this forum. I'm getting rid of; 1. Cooper's Fermenter (the smaller one - 15L I think) with the...
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    Help needed - First attempt using kveik (extract)

    I've got a pouch of Omega Hornidal kveik sitting in the fridge crying to be let out in this weather. I thought a pale ale/IPA would be a good place to start, but given the excrutiating heat I'm minded to go for a 15-minute boil extract recipe to avoid standing in a hot kitchen too long. The...
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    Coopers 15l fermenter - who has one?

    Does anyone here have a Coopers 15l fermenter (the smaller one that comes with the 8.5l Mr Beer kit)? Can you answer a few questions for me please? What is the volume? Is it 15l to the brim or is it lined to 15l with more headspace? Can you fit a bottling stick to the tap? Do you bother with...
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    Yeast for malty milk stout

    I’ve put my AG adventure on temporary hold in order to use up my LME supplies. I’ve got some Munich LME (50:50 Munich and pale apparently) to use. My initial thoughts were to make a malty bitter/ESB but I realised I don’t have the right yeast - my Fullers in the fridge is quite old and I don’t...
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    Low postage for yeast-only orders?

    Hi again! Apart from CML, are there any other Homebrew suppliers who charge a low postage cost if you just order yeast? Planning a brew for mid-week but don’t have any suitable yeast for my current plans, but don’t want to spend £5 or more on postage for a £3 sachet of yeast! May need to...
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    BIAB AG using the equipment I currently have

    I'd like to have a go at BIAB AG using the equipment I currently have to see if this eliminates the 'homebrew tang' I seem to get with kits/extract brews. If it does, I'll invest in more kit (basically a bigger stockpot). My biggest pot at the moment is a mere 8L. What's the maximum amount of...
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    Which yeast for free-fermented kit stout?

    Hi all Just bottled my pink grapefruit saison so my FV is free for a new brew. No time to do a full brew schedule so going to do a Coopers Stout kit and play around with it. I only have room for a 15L temp-controlled ferment so normally split the can and do two brews one after another. But...
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    Storing yeast from bottle conditioned beer

    Hi all A deceptively simple question, which my Google-fu has failed to resolve; I’m just drank a couple of bottles of a bottle-conditioned beer of which the yeast is useful (Fullers as it happens). But, due to various circumstances (FV still in use and impending holiday) I can’t brew with it...
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    Help me with impulse buy (Munich LME)

    Hi all I got carried away with the Beer Hawk clearance sale and bought 3kg of munich LME. Apparently it's 50% munich and 50% pale. Now I need to work out how to use it, having never knowingly worked with munich before (it may have been in some amber DMEs I've used...). The difficult bits - due...
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    Is this enough yeast?

    I recovered the yeast from two bottles of Bengal Lancer a few days ago and it’s fermenting nicely. Will this be enough yeast for a 10L batch of moderate strength bitter, or do I need to keep going (and brew something else in the meantime...)
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    Fermeting in plastic jerry can? (no-chill cube)

    As per the title, has anyone tried using a no-chill cube / plastic jerry can as a primary fermenter? I'm aware of these being used for no-chill or as secondary FVs, but not heard from anyone using one as a primary. My main, temp-controlled fermenter is the usual plastic bucket affair but I'd...
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    Free beer! (CAMRA members only)

    Hi folks I'm a CAMRA member but never use my Wetherspoons vouchers. If you would like mine, please drop me your address and I'll post them to you. No charge, first come first served. You need to be a CAMRA member to use the vouchers so please don't take them if you're not a member!
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    Hi all As you may have seen from my other thread, I have a beer that I have foolishly bottled too early before it had finished fermenting (probably: 1.021 for a kit brown ale). Luckily I went for a low priming value (1.5 volumes) and PET bottles. My FV is now in use for another beer that’s 3...
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    FG and priming

    OK, so purely a hypothetical question because no-one would actually be this stupid (ahem). If a homebrewer were to absent-mindedly add the batch priming sugar and then take the final gravity sample (I know, ridiculous right?) would he/she be able to determine the FG if they hadn't been such a...
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    Pimp my brown ale

    I'm about to brew a Simply (Richie’s) Brown Ale (1.8kg kit). I haven’t got a 25l fermenter yet, so am going to split the bag (keeping half in the fridge) and do two 10l brews. I’m looking for ideas on how to pimp them up with what I have available. I’ve got 500g medium DME (the obvious choice?)...
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    Eggy smell - time to tip?

    My stout that I pitched yesterday is stinking the flat out with an eggy smell. I know lager yeasts can produce hydrogen sulphide, but I'm using two ale yeasts (Coopers and Gervin). Can I safely assume that this brew is infected and should be chucked, or is there a small chance it's still OK...
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    Worst efficiency ever?

    I did my first mash last night (as part of a partial mash). I was rushing a bit and things went a bit wrong when I found out my brewing thermometer was broken so had to use a sugar thermometer instead. Then I had to deal with children waking up, cooking, and... well, everything went to pot...
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    Yet another imperial stout thread...

    I'm planning on using a Coopers stout kit as a base for a RIS (*), adding a partial mash to boost the gravity and add some character. Coopers reckon their stout is 710 IBU undiluted, and loses 20% bitterness in fermentation, so I reckon if I brew short to 11L I should get 710x1.7/11 * 80% = 88...
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    Recommend a brew bucket!

    I’ve decided to get a bigger fermenter - I’m currently using a Young’s 15L. The Young’s is OK, but it’s a bit thin and distorts when lifted - which then sucks the airlock contents into the brew if I’ve forgotten to remove it first! Can anyone recommend a 25 or 30l plastic fermenter?